Add a new link: "Choose From all Tags"

  1. GarryBar

    I scan the tag list use it to jog my memory. I move from top to bottom clicking tags as I go. The most used tags are not all tags and when all the tags aren't listed I cannot use the list as a memory aid. I miss some. I would suggest a new link for the tag section. It would be a 'Choose From All Tags' link. This new link would go just below the "Choose from the most used tags" link.

    1. In a small font so they don't take up space and many tags can fit.
    2. The font would stay the same size (not enlarge).
    3. Maybe the font size can be set by the user.
    4. Should be listed in alphabetical order for efficient scanning.

    Anyone think this is a good idea? Have any additions to it to make it better?

    Best regards,


    Posted: 7 years ago #
  2. Ray56


    I second that, WP puts the emphasis on posts tagging but there is a lack of functionality in showing all tags from the DB in the editor pane.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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