Abstraction layer for all Media and Plugin Location

  1. iceblink

    Would be great to be able to move sites from host to host, or from subdirectory to doc root with ease. And, it wouldn't be very hard to solve most of these issues for website "builders" who are generally not developers.

    See my kvetch:
    Here's a goal for WP Devs, that should be easy to test: Try acting like an Ad Agency, and develop your clients' WP sites on your own in-house server (even in a subdirectory of an existing site, just for grins). Don't forget to use crummy but popular 3rd party plugins, like NextGen Gallery.

    When you're done, upload the files and a MySQL dump to the commercial hoster of your choice.

    Watch you site not work! Discover the pain of not having abstraction layers for images, plugins, etc.

    Posted: 3 years ago #

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