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  1. Dougal Campbell


    A while back, there was an attempt to replace the MagpieRSS library with SimplePie. That attempt failed because the WP code that actually deals with feed data was too tied to the Magpie data structures.

    In order to provide a clean way to migrate to SimplePie (or some other, future, library?), we need an intermediate API which developers can code against, instead of dealing directly with the base feed library.

    There are several plugins currently which require modification to the wp-includes/rss.php code in order to extend its functionality. Phasing in a new API and deprecating the direct use of Magpie would allow us provide access to feed data in a natively extensible fashion.

    This would probably need to be phased in over several releases, in order to give plugin/theme developers time to modify their existing code.

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  2. AndreyFrolov


    I sign this one.

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