Ability to edit category/tag slugs from post/page editors to avoid problems

  1. iamfantastikate


    It seems like an oversight that this feature has never been added, there's no plugin or (easy) code solution that I've found, and it can cause usability issues without it being there.

    On the third point, here's where a problem arises:

    - You have multiple custom post types. Let's call them Art and Science.

    - Both of these custom post types have registered tag or category taxonomies: art-tags and science-tags.

    - Both art-tags and science-tags have a tag called "Canada," but for them to work properly, they MUST have different slugs, like canadian-art and canadian-science. If you try to add "canada" to both art-tags and science-tags on the category/tag pages, the second time you add it, you'll get an error: "The slug 'canada' is already in use by another term"

    - If you add these via the tag/category pages, making a custom slug is easy, but if you add a tag that shares the same term with another post type's tag via one of the editor pages, you don't have the option to edit the slug immediately. In WP, what happens is, say you've got art-tags/canada already, if you add your Science post to a new tag called Canada, it doesn't go to science-tags/canada. It goes to art-tags/canada, the preexisting term and slug.

    This is really, really annoying if you're dealing with lots of post types and tags. It means you have to remember to stay on top of any new categories or tags. You can't just create content; you also have to keep returning to the tag/category pages.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Jtree5757

    Yea, very annoying and frustrating!!!

    Another example is e-commerce stores. What store doesn't reuse slugs in category hierarchies??

    site.com/men/shoes site.com/men/clothing

    site.com/women/shoes site.com/women/clothing

    I mean there are a ton of examples, but the biggest problem is that this issue has been an apparent issue for at least the past 5 years.

    I just spent 7 hours trying to figure it out and tried to get professional developers to create a plugin and most of them are saying that you have to edit core wp files! Which I am not game for.

    Please let us reuse slugs!

    Posted: 3 years ago #

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