A "Visited Panel" Checklist For Posts Types

  1. Alex Theberge


    On my blog there may be as many as thirteen different panels (eg. Title, Body, SEO, Social SEO, Excerpt, Post Type, Featured Image etc.) that needs/should be visited for every blog I do.

    I remember to modify these, most of the time, and then there are those times I've forgotten to add tags, or a featured image (required for much of today's templates) or using the custom fields area. I hit send, and all my subscriber's are hit with a lackluster email update.


    It would be awesome if there was a way to designate which panels have to be checked off before a post can be published.

    I'm sure there are many ways to do this, but the easiest way would be to have a check that automatically appears in the panel once the panel is interacted with in some manner. Either by entering text, or clicking on a radio button or checkbox.

    Then in the upper right or even across the top/bottom there is a listing of what's left, or what has been accessed. So when you've got this awesome story finished, I don't forget to upload the featured image. Or include the correct opengraph content.

    I'm certain a plug-in could do this, but honestly this should be a part of the root of WordPress. I've been thing about this for years.

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