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  1. bluebird2


    I suggest making a plugin for creating online magazines. WP makes the users to build something like an online magazines but the users cannot create "issues". WP is unable to create daily, weekly or monthly magazines with separate covers. What I have in mind is something that makes the readers be able to browse through the issues of the magazine.

    The plugin can be something similar to this component for iJoomla, but probably something simpler-to-use and easier to manage:

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  2. bluebird2


    This is another example:

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  3. Justin Tadlock

    I think the way the taxonomy system is set up now will allow you to create a new taxonomy, such as "issues."

    Can anyone confirm this?

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  4. bluebird2


    How does taxonomy work?

    What I am suggesting is the ability to add another level of categorisation to WordPress, so one can group posts together into issues (as well as as categorise and tag them as one can normally. The user would need to be able to create new issues easily, and view a listing (an archive in WordPress terms) of all posts in an issue. Issues should also be listed in a sidebar widget.

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  5. Justin Tadlock

    Taxonomy is the way things are categorized, such as categories and tags.

    I believe with the new system (since 2.3), plugin or theme authors can create new taxonomy objects. So, you should be able to essentially create "issues," just like you have categories and tags.

    From /wp-includes/taxonomy.php, here are the defaults:

    * Default Taxonomy Objects
    * @since 2.3
    * @global array $wp_taxonomies
    $wp_taxonomies = array();
    $wp_taxonomies['category'] = (object) array('name' => 'category', 'object_type' => 'post', 'hierarchical' => true, 'update_count_callback' => '_update_post_term_count');
    $wp_taxonomies['post_tag'] = (object) array('name' => 'post_tag', 'object_type' => 'post', 'hierarchical' => false, 'update_count_callback' => '_update_post_term_count');
    $wp_taxonomies['link_category'] = (object) array('name' => 'link_category', 'object_type' => 'link', 'hierarchical' => false);

    While I know this might not be useful to you, maybe it'll help someone along with creating this plugin.

    Other things to read:

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  6. bluebird2


    I finally found what I was looking for:
    "Organize Series WordPress Plugin"

    The concept of "series" can be used for creating different "issues" for a magazine.

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