a new function: update_userdata()

  1. Michael Visser

    Currently we have the ability to edit a defined users meta tags in wp_metadata of a MySQL database, however, you cannot update a user's e-mail address or password without opening a manual PHP/MySQL connection and altering the contents of wp_users in the active database.

    Can a new function called update_userdata be created to allow this functionality, the function should check the current user's (must be logged in) permission level to ensure they can only edit user's critical information if they are above the defined user to be altered.

    The guys in #wordpress had no idea what I was on about, hopefully you will. Thanks! Also, I'm currently slamming direct SQL statements into the database as a workaround so a new function is 2.5.2 would be awesome!

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. Justin Shreve

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