2 x plugin rating - overall and last ? weeks + ratings count in admin

  1. Matt

    Hi all

    It came to my attention recently that this would be a valuable addition when installing plugins from the backend.

    I came across a plugin that had a very good rating, but was suddenly a very problematic plugin due to a change in (probably) the core release.

    This plugin showed up as high rating still, especially in backend / admin, where the actual reviews are not visible. Only when visiting the plugin page on wordpress.org, did I realise that it would've been a mistake to install this plugin. The information in the backend install system, suggested that it would absolutely fine and no info of the plugin being flawed at that time.

    I therefore suggest that the plugin / theme install process in the backend, include an 'up to date' or 'current' rating, saving users the grief of installing flawed plugins that overall have a very high rating. Along side the current info, include rating count (not sure if this is already included?) and then a second line of the same info, but restricted to the last ? weeks. Maybe 2 weeks would be about right?

    I'm in no way able to produce such a mod, but would be very keen to here from others re the idea and potentially see it implemented.

    Maybe there is some additional functionality such as scrolling through latest actual reviews, not just ratings, using jetpack perhaps?? Such as ebay feedback system, which gives this info in this way.



    Posted: 5 years ago #
  2. khalm

    The feedback sistem can be realy better. Some plugins slow down the page, so i decided to use only several, never more that 3 active plugins.

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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