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  1. Anticore

    Currently, most of the search filters in finding new plugins and themes are global. It's frustrating finding new or recently updated things as well as most popular based on what I as a user wants.

    It would be fantastic to have a search filter that allowed us to sort a list by popular based on the search parameter. So if I typed in "mailing list" into the plug-in search I could sort that by popular, or latest added or latest updated perhaps.

    Same goes for Themes. I might type in "Sand" in the theme search and could sort by the same parameters. Newest added, Newest updated, Most popular.

    Posted: 2 months ago #
  2. How would you measure popular? Most installs?

    It does sound like an interesting idea as long as it did not make it complex.

    Posted: 2 months ago #
  3. Around

    It would be nice to make a filter:
    - number of installations;
    - update date;
    - the most relevant search phrase.

    Posted: 1 month ago #

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