WithFocusOutside Edit

withFocusOutside is a React higher-order component to enable behavior to occur when focus leaves an element. Since a blur event will fire in React even when focus transitions to another element in the same context, this higher-order component encapsulates the logic necessary to determine if focus has truly left the element.


Wrap your original component with withFocusOutside, defining a handleFocusOutside instance method on the component class.

Note: withFocusOutside must only be used to wrap the Component class.

import { withFocusOutside, TextControl } from '@wordpress/components';

const MyComponentWithFocusOutside = withFocusOutside(
    class extends React.Component {
        handleFocusOutside() {
            console.log( 'Focus outside' );

        render() {
            return (
                    <TextControl onChange={ ( ) => { } }/>
                    <TextControl onChange={ ( ) => { } }/>

In the above example, the handleFocusOutside function is only called if focus leaves the element, and not if transitioning focus between the two inputs.

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