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Buttons express what action will occur when the user clicks or taps it. Buttons are used to trigger an action, and they can be used for any type of action, including navigation.

The presence of a href prop determines whether an anchor element is rendered instead of a button.

Note that this component may sometimes be confused with the Button block, which has semantically different use cases and functionality.

Usage Usage

Renders a button with default style.

import { Button } from "@wordpress/components";

const MyButton = () => (
    <Button isDefault>
        Click me!

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Props Props

Name Type Default Description
href string undefined If provided, renders a instead of button.
isDefault bool false Renders a default button style.
isPrimary bool false Renders a primary button style.
isLarge bool false Increases the size of the button.
isSmall bool false Decreases the size of the button.
isToggled bool false Renders a toggled button style.
isBusy bool false Indicates activity while a action is being performed.
isLink bool false Renders a button with an anchor style.
focus bool false Whether the button is focused.

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  • To group buttons together, use the ButtonGroup component.
  • To display an icon inside the button, use the IconButton component.
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