This organization contributes 5% of their resources to the WordPress project.

More about Five for the Future


At WPDeveloper We Build Advanced WordPress Products To Help Your Business Grow. Currently, there are over nearly 5,00,000 Sites Actively using our plugins. Our Founder has been involved with WordPress since 2004 and still very actively contributing. You might know us for any of our plugins, including but not limited to Essential Addons for Elementor or Disable Comments or NotificationX or BetterDocs or EmbedPress or Templately or or BetterLinks or Essential Blocks.


WPDeveloper sponsors 33 contributors for a total of 84 hours per week across 16 teams.

  • Community Team
  • Core Team
  • Design Team
  • Documentation Team
  • Hosting Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Meta Team
  • Openverse Team
  • Photos Team
  • Polyglots Team
  • Support Team
  • TV Team
  • Test Team
  • Themes Team
  • Training Team
  • WP-CLI Team