This organization contributes 5% of their resources to the WordPress project.

More about Five for the Future


Whodunit is a full-remote French WordPress agency. Founded in 2008 and deeply involved in open-source development, Whodunit is the biggest agency in France in term of contribution to WordPress ecosystem. We are building tailor-made editorial experiences for our clients, using Gutenberg at 100% since around 6 months before it was released in 5.0.

We are also providing high-level maintainance services and this activity is strongly depending on our involvement in WordPress core development.
We contribute to WordPress Core by co-leading a dozen of minor releases and also major releases like 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.7 and 5.8. Our CTO Jb Audras is one of the few people who have Commit Access to the WordPress source code.

We also help maintaining the Upgrade/install, Widgets and Menus components, we are also deeply involved in WordPress accessibility team. We also contribute to other WordPress projects like Gutenberg, Theme Reviews team, Glotdict and so on. We are polyglots: we have a GTE and a PTE for the French Locale in our team. We are also plugins authors, long-time WordCamp speakers/organizers and we successfully led WordCamp Paris first contributor day in 2019.

Evangelizing open-source contribution is one of our key missions, and it's in our DNA. Our 20+ employees are encouraged to contribute to WordPress as well as other open source projects and their WordCamp travel charges are 100% supported by the agency.


Whodunit sponsors 14 contributors for a total of 63 hours per week across 9 teams.

  • Accessibility Team
  • Community Team
  • Core Team
  • Documentation Team
  • Meta Team
  • Photos Team
  • Polyglots Team
  • TV Team
  • Test Team