At WebDevStudios, we love WordPress. We are also very passionate about open-source software in general. Since 2014, we have participated in the Five for the Future (#5ftf) movement. Monthly, our company devotes an entire workday to #5ftf, sharing our contributions on our blog and Twitter feed by featuring the hashtag. Because we have a set schedule for #5ftf, we are able to forecast our contributions without taking time away from our clients. It’s just another way that WDS gives back.


WebDevStudios sponsors 23 contributors for a total of 44 hours per week.

Contributors from WebDevStudios work on the following teams:

  • Accessibility Team
  • Community Team
  • Core Team
  • Design Team
  • Documentation Team
  • Hosting Team
  • Meta Team
  • Polyglots Team
  • Support Team
  • TV Team
  • Theme Review Team
  • Training Team
  • WP-CLI Team