This organization contributes 5% of their resources to the WordPress project.

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JetBackup is a leading provider of backup and recovery solutions designed to protect your digital assets with ease and reliability. JetBackup offers comprehensive features, including incremental backups, multi-schedule support, unlimited destinations, and rapid recovery options, ensuring your data is always secure and easily accessible. Trusted by thousands of web hosting providers worldwide, JetBackup delivers unmatched performance, flexibility, and scalability to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes. With a commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, JetBackup remains at the forefront of backup technology with its JetBackup for WordPress plugin, safeguarding your website data with every step.


JetBackup sponsors 3 contributors for a total of 3 hours per week across 5 teams.

  • Core Team
  • Hosting Team
  • Plugin Review Team
  • Themes Team
  • WP-CLI Team