This organization contributes 5% of their resources to the WordPress project.

More about Five for the Future


Hostinger contributes innovative web hosting solutions to the WordPress community. Our advanced hosting infrastructure guarantees speed and security for websites of all sizes.

Like WordPress, we come from small beginnings and recognize the power of collaboration and innovation to realize a vision.

We work with WordPress every day to ensure the experience for our users is as smooth as possible. Our WordPress users benefit from several valuable features. They get pre-installed WordPress themes, a Content Delivery Network to protect their websites against DDoS attacks, advanced web analytics, and more.

We're pledging our time because we acknowledge the value of contributing to the community and supporting its growth.


Hostinger sponsors 22 contributors for a total of 77 hours per week across 7 teams.

  • Community Team
  • Core Team
  • Documentation Team
  • Hosting Team
  • Meta Team
  • Polyglots Team
  • Support Team