This organization contributes 5% of their resources to the WordPress project.

More about Five for the Future


We believe that an open, collaborative Internet and the democratization of publishing – making the tools for building and telling stories simple and affordable – have been the engine of a web renaissance. The values of openness we espouse and the platforms that embody them are only as strong as the community behind them. We think it is incumbent upon those who succeed on the backs of these platforms to ensure their success. And do we: by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by way of code contributions, material sponsorships, community organizing, our own projects, and sharing our expertise.


10up sponsors 20 contributors for a total of 166 hours per week across 10 teams.

  • Community Team
  • Core Team
  • Documentation Team
  • Photos Team
  • Polyglots Team
  • Support Team
  • Test Team
  • Themes Team
  • Tide Team
  • WP-CLI Team