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From the beginning, WordPress has strived to democratize publishing as a free, intuitive publishing platform for millions of individual voices to reach their audiences. It has subsequently evolved into a content management system that allows the biggest sites to reach billions of readers. It also allows publishers to free themselves from the confines of expensive, proprietary systems that frustrate their editorial teams and stifle innovation.

Today, WordPress is the content management system of choice for small, medium, and large publishers globally, and is used to produce content across screens and endpoints within a unified, digital-first workflow. Just as important, the software is still free. Democratizing publishing has never been more powerful.

Use Cases

In towns and cities, regions and countries, all over the world, WordPress powers the sites people visit multiple times every day for news, information and entertainment.

Newspapers & Magazines

WordPress is helping to transform the editorial workflow for traditional media outlets. A well-supported library of integrations and its robust REST API lets publishers use WordPress produce content once and publish it to their website, mobile platforms, social media, and even print in a unified, digital-first workflow.

Digital Only Publishers

WordPress is an easy choice for many digital-only publishers. The extensibility of the platform allows it to keep pace with your site whether its a simple blog or a multifaceted digital publication.


WordPress integrates with streaming video-on-demand applications (SVOD) via providers like Anvato, over-the-top (OTT) media services, and integrated audio and video players that support virtually any platform or device.

Book Publishers

A flexible information architecture, supported by fully customizable post types and taxonomies, helps book publishers manage complex data models for their titles and integrate with services like Onix and Bowker.


Nonprofit organizations have complex publishing needs that rival any publisher in news media. WordPress helps them efficiently manage their sites with a small staff and powerful integrations with search platforms let them expose their wealth of evergreen content to the community.


WordPress gives you the freedom to choose from the best available tools and providers to compliment your digital platform. The robust network of sites using WordPress means that most third-party platforms already have well-supported integrations that let you readily integrate with them. The enterprise community regularly contributes to growing and updating these integrations and ensuring they meet the highest standards for performance, security, and scale.

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