Version 5.7.8

On October 17, 2022, WordPress 5.7.6 was released to the public.

Installation/Update Information

To get this version, update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area or visit

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Security updates included in this release

The security team would like to thank the following people for responsibly reporting vulnerabilities, and allowing them to be fixed in this release.

  • Editor: Bump @wordpress packages for the branch,
  • Media: Refactor search by filename within the admin,
  • REST API: Lockdown post parameter of the terms endpoint,
  • Customize: Escape blogname option in underscores templates,
  • Query: Validate relation in WP_Date_Query,
  • Posts, Post types: Apply KSES to post-by-email content,
  • General: Validate host on “Are you sure?” screen,
  • Posts, Post types: Remove emails from post-by-email logs,
  • Pings/trackbacks: Apply KSES to all trackbacks,
  • Mail: Reset PHPMailer properties between use,
  • Widgets: Escape RSS error messages for display.


This release was led by Alex Concha (@xknown), Peter Wilson (@peterwilsoncc), Jb Audras (@audrasjb), and Sergey Biryukov (@SergeyBiryukov).

The release would not have been possible without the contributions of the following people. Their asynchronous coordination to deliver several fixes into a stable release is a testament to the power and capability of the WordPress community.

@audrasjb@costdev@cu121@dd32@davidbaumwald@ehtis@johnbillion@johnjamesjacoby@martinkrcho@matveb@oztaser@paulkevan@peterwilsoncc,@ravipatel@SergeyBiryukov@talldanwp@timothyblynjacobs@tykoted@voldemortensen@vortfu, and @xknown.

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