Version 1.0.1

WordPress 1.0.1 was released January 25, 2004.

The official release can be found here.


WordPress 1.0.1 was purely a bug fix release and added no new features.


  • Several improvements related to the handling of international characters.
  • “Future” blog posts should show up in the admin interface
  • b2 import
  • blogger import
  • Calendar day titles are only showing the last post, not all posts separated.
  • Calendar links to posts in the future
  • Change installed check to use a different table than options, probably categories
  • Check all importers
  • Comment Moderation setting values
  • comment out sending the unmodified header in rss/rdf feeds
  • comment_tags_allowed bug
  • Dublin Core in RSS feeds
  • edit-showposts.php?
  • Fix links-update-xml.php
  • get_links_list should put descriptions in title attribute
  • greymatter import
  • fixed import-b2.php errors
  • Make sure the bookmarklet works in Safari
  • Modify upgrade.php to work from b2
  • Month not showing up?
  • Multi-word search strings cause errors
  • Next/Previous Page links didn’t work w/ nice URLs
  • Permalink bug w/ hyphens?
  • Permanent redirects in RSS/RDF files should include QUERY_STRING
  • previous_posts_link() and next_posts_link() are encoding already encoded chars
  • Question marks and equal signs being stripped from comment_author_url
  • Remove duplicate indicies, prevent future duplication
  • Smilies replacement in comments rss is breaking the feed
  • Support for double digit years/months
  • textpattern
  • Unescaped ampersand in template-functions.php
  • Weird bug w/ posts paged and search
  • wp-atom feed isn’t valid
  • added id and classes to menu items for easier styling

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