Twenty Twenty Changelog

Version 2.4

Released: November 7, 2023 with WordPress 6.4.

  • Fix text color in the iframe editor when the background color is dark (#59086)
  • Update default themes to use new script function signature: the last parameter of wp_enqueue_script() is an array instead of the boolean true or false (#59302)
  • Use defer loading strategy for theme scripts (#59316)

Version 2.3

Released: August 8, 2023 with WordPress 6.3

  • Fix Button block text color when located in footer widgets (#57087)
  • Fix Letter Case control implementation on the Button block ([56000])
  • Inherit Quote block’s paragraph custom letter spacing in the editor (#58033)
  • Fix left margin in Latest Posts & Latest Comments blocks (#58396)
  • Remove various unused function parameters and variables (#57371)
  • Deprecate the skip link focus fix, removing the script from the wp_print_footer_scripts action (#54421)
  • Remove call to load_theme_textdomain() function (#58318)
  • Add “Requires at least” and “Requires PHP” to readme.txt (#57857)

Version 2.2

Released: March 29, 2023 with WordPress 6.2

  • Add Mastodon domains for menu item icons. (#49099)
  • Mark strings for screen readers (#29748)
  • Pullquote block: Add citation text color issue (#55990)
  • Use the new /documentation/ URLs for HelpHub links in Bundled Themes. (#57726)
  • Use strict comparison in bundled themes’ PHP files. ([55420])
  • Deprecation warnings on PHP 8.1 because of wp_add_inline_style() (#57777)
  • Improve various globals documentation, as per docblock standards. ([55472])
  • Remove title attributes (#57199)

Version 2.1

Released: November 1, 2022 with WordPress 6.1

  • “Add citation” text font-style issue in Quote block (#55931)
  • “Wide line” separator breaks inside columns. (#53643)
  • Comments accessibility – links should be identifiable (#56269)
  • Fix social icons margin in widget area (#56474)
  • Latest Posts block set to 2 columns displays single column in editor (#56175)
  • Post title block alignment setting is not working (#56167)
  • Remove Left Padding in Social icon block in editor (#55987)
  • Separator Block backslash issue in editor (#55910)
  • Width discrepancy between editor and preview when nested in cover block (#56049)
  • Button-style link with Outline style is missing the border (#55824)
  • Links do not inherit user-defined text colors in the editor (#56214)
  • style of rtl paragraph (#49447)
  • text-transform issue in H6 Heading block (#56194)
  • update selectors in get_non_latin_css() (#56396)
  • word wrap in comments required message (#56397)
  • Correctly escape stylesheet URL (#56696)
  • Remove closing PHP tags from bundled themes (#40039)

Version 2.0

Released: May 24, 2022 with WordPress 6.0

  • Add Noto Serif as a fallback font before Garamond (#50723)
  • Improve padding for number input type (#53115)
  • Fix aria-expanded handling in search toggle (#53951)

Version 1.9

Released: January 25, 2022

  • Add Support for (WhatsApp’s preferred link) (#50542)
  • Add privacy policy link to footer (#53446)
  • Custom Logo bug in the Customizer (#51337)
  • Editor title alignment broken by Gutenberg plugin v11.4.0 updates (#54056)
  • Inline style class names are duplicated (#54196)
  • Remove “role” attribute on HTML5 elements with a default landmark role (#54079)
  • Bundled Themes: Add “Tested up to” in style.css (#53797)

Version 1.8

Released: July 20, 2021

  • Ensure custom primary color is applied to text in the editor (#50120)
  • Hide some elements for print that are not useful in that context (#50433)
  • Correct label attribute references to aria_label in get_search_form (#51877)
  • Update theme information in the package.json file (#53196)
  • Remove extra margin within the Query Loop block (#53482)

Version 1.7

Released: March 9, 2021

  • Ordered list styling in Classic Editor (#50454)
  • Core blocks are positioned incorrectly in some core bundled themes (#52009)
  • Exclude Twenty Twenty from .gitignore (#52265)
  • Remove aria-expanded on Close Search button (#52355)
  • RTL list styles (#52401)
  • Synchronise ignored files between git and svn (#52502)

Version 1.6

Released: December 8, 2020

  • Add context to adjectives and homonyms. This allows for better localization in languages where adjectives are translated differently depending on which noun they modify, or when a different translation is required for a noun vs. a verb. (#49797)
  • Introduce block patterns for Twenty Twenty and add the block-patterns tag. (#51098)
  • Correct heading blocks alignment in editor styles. This explicitly sets top and bottom margins instead of defining all four sides in shorthand notation. (#51148)
  • Update the URL for PHP date formats table in translator comments. (#51335)
  • Correctly indent nested unordered lists in RTL editor styles. (#51574)
  • Declare support for the HTML5 feature navigation-widgets. (#51445)
  • Remove extra space from the comment link in TwentyTwenty_Walker_Comment. (#51533)

Version 1.5

Released: August 11, 2020

  • Ensure appropriate title for author archives for that don’t have posts. (#50421)
  • Twenty Twenty uses overly specific selector for button background. (#50271)
  • Modifies the Customize setting Site Identity > Retina logo so that the option is hidden if there is no logo is set in Site Identity > Logo. (#50109)
  • Removes the unnecessary $css_dependencies variable in twentytwenty_block_editor_styles(). (#49986)
  • Fixes the issue with button styles not working when the Gutenberg plugin is activated while maintaining backwards compatibility. (#49896)
  • Fixes the issue of caption being escaped by replacing esc_html with wp_kses_post in the caption in featured images. (#49833)
  • Removes text-transform: uppercase; from button blocks in order to give the user the option to have a button without All Capital letters. (#49710)
  • Fixes the disappearing + in the block editor when using the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin. (#49610)
  • Fixes the image alignment issue by removing margin-left: auto; and margin-right: auto; from .editor-styles-wrapper (#49600)
  • Fixes the issue of number of comments not translatable by removing the single quote from around the 1 in the elseif conditional of the comments template. (#49058)
  • Adds a Social Icons Filter to Twenty Twenty that allows for new icons to be added to the theme by filter. (#48713)

Version 1.4

Released: June 10, 2020

  • Fixed comments template number of replies not translatable. (#49058)
  • Fixed inconsistent top and bottom margins for .alignwide and .alignfull on Chrome vs Safari. (#49435)
  • Fixed HTML in featured image caption is being escaped. (#49833)
  • Fixed small typo. (#49932)
  • Fixed uses overly specific selector for button background. (#50271)

Version 1.3

Released: May 14, 2020

  • Fixed custom post types that don’t support authors, shows author box. (#48803)
  • Fixed anchor links don’t work in mobile menu. (#48916)
  • Added icon for links. (#49088)
  • Fixed missing license for images. (#49316)
  • Fixed image caption is not aligned center when image is, on the front-end. (#49320)
  • Fixed submenu items disappearing underneath the Cover block. (#49322)
  • Fixed resized images are centered inside the editor (with no alignment set) since WordPress 5.4. (#49600)
  • Fixed block editor inserter is missing the +. (#49610)
  • Fixed inline images in list blocks are not positioned correctly. (#49793)
  • Added GPLv2 compatible TikTok icon to the social icon menu. (#49893)
  • Fixed button styles produce inconsistent output and cannot be edited. (#49896)
  • Fixed remove unnecessary $css_dependencies variable in twentytwenty_block_editor_styles(). (#49986)
  • Added customizer retina_logo should be hidden when no logo is set. (#50109)

Version 1.2

Released: March 31, 2020

  • Remove Non-printable characters from starter-content.php file (#49534)
  • Fixed searchform.php error (#49523)
  • Fixed Author Bio/Post Meta Width in Cover Template in Mobile (#49254)
  • Remove unnecessary escaping for get_the_title() (#49190)
  • Added social icon for WhatsApp (#49098)
  • Fixed Property font-size is overwritten – coding standard. (#49015)
  • Fixed Property border-style is overwritten – coding standard. (#49006)
  • Fixed Post nav pages link outside of the container (#48979)
  • Fixed Menu rendering problem Unicode (Bangla) (#48970)
  • Fixed Menu on a mobile device becomes responsive after tapping a few times and switching pages (#48643)
  • Added theme support for responsive embeds (#48552)
  • Update calendar widget styles for 5.4 markup. (#49549)

Version 1.1

Released: December 12, 2019

  • Add customizer option to show or hide author bio (#48550)
  • Replace JS-based smooth scroll with CSS (#48551, #48763, #48866)
  • Fix on mobile devices using a webkit browser, the menu and search modals could not be opened due to a TypeError: document.body is null (#48601)
  • Fix correctly align the author bio and bottom post meta on single posts on mobile (#48619)
  • Remove duplicate array key/value in TwentyTwenty_Non_Latin_Languages::get_non_latin_css() (#48624)
  • Make the checkbox in the comment form larger and more consistent with other checkboxes (#48652)
  • Fix typos in a variable name and inline comment in assets/js/color-calculations.js. (#48704)
  • Fix placeholder misalignment in Firefox when a height is added as an inline style to the input field (#48876)
  • Pass $post_meta and $location values to twentytwenty_start_of_post_meta_list and twentytwenty_end_of_post_meta_list actions to provide better context (#48906)
  • Remove redundant echo for bloginfo() call in footer.php (#48918)

Version 1.0

Released: November 12, 2019

Initial Release.

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