Twenty Nineteen Changelog

Version 2.8

Released: April 2nd, 2024 with WordPress 6.5

  • Correct line height CSS for the Button block. (#58443)
  • Add border-radius to avatar images in the editor. This ensures that avatars design in the Post Author or Avatar blocks in the editor matches the front end. (#59285)
  • Adjust CSS selectors to ensure that the Customizer Color option works on multiple WordPress versions. Corrects the color for the file, button, quote, pullquote, and search blocks. (#59922)
  • Fix typos (#60268, (#60310)

Version 2.7

Released: November 7, 2023

  • Set the default width and height attributes of the SVG social icons to match the dimensions used within the CSS (#45950)
  • Add margins to editor iframe content (#59449)
  • Correct the required WordPress version in theme headers (#59557)
  • Display default “Blue” and “Dark blue” color names correctly in the color palette (#59566)
  • Update default themes to use new script function signature: the last parameter of wp_enqueue_script() is an array instead of the boolean true (#59302)
  • Use defer loading strategy for theme scripts (#59316)

Version 2.6

Released: August 8, 2023

  • Ensure Separator block supports theme preset colors in the editor (#58558)
  • Set the body background color and foreground color together (#45916)
  • Fix a translation issue in Comments navigation text, ensuring that translators can control word order for “Previous Comments” and “Next Comments” links (#58149)
  • Add the #content fragment identifier to paginated links so the screen scrolls down to the content section when clicking on pagination links located on paginated pages (#45920)
  • Prevent an console error related to the main navigation on Firefox (#46474)
  • Remove unused function parameters and variables (#57397)
  • Deprecate the skip link focus fix, removing the script from the wp_print_footer_scripts action (#54421)
  • Remove call to load_theme_textdomain() function (#58318)
  • Add “Requires PHP” to readme.txt (#57857)

Version 2.5

Released: March 29, 2023

  • Remove the incorrect “flexible-header” tag. (#46213)
  • Remove title attributes (#57199)
  • Mark strings for screen readers (#29748)
  • Use the new /documentation/ URLs for HelpHub links (#57726)
  • Use strict comparison in bundled themes’ PHP files. ([55420])
  • Update PostCSS to version 8.x. (#57554)

Version 2.4

Released: November 1, 2022

  • Consider a custom hover/underline style (#45925)
  • Consider syncing up font smoothing between the front end and block-based editor (#45909)
  • Pullquote Block Text Color not reflected on frontend (#55981)
  • Search Button hover color issue (#56573)
  • Text color not reflected in Editor for citation in Quote block (#55992)
  • Remove closing PHP tags from bundled themes (#40039)

Version 2.3

Released: May 24, 2022

  • Avoid columns set to full width to extend beyond editor bounds (#54169)
  • Display Image block at the same size whether the image is linked or not (#48697)
  • Define List item separator as a WP_Locale property (#39733)
  • Override flex order in comment form (#46600)
  • Rename parameters that use reserved keywords in bundled themes (#55327)
  • Update NPM dependencies for default themes (#54727)
  • Note visually hidden text for translators (#55591)

Version 2.2

Released: January 25, 2022

  • Return type not matched in PHPDoc – Bundled Themes (#53878)
  • Remove “role” attribute on HTML5 elements with a default landmark role. (#54079)
  • Core themes need to display required text field information (#54392)
  • Bundled Themes: Add “Tested up to” in style.css (#53797)

Version 2.1

Released: July 20, 2021

  • Set a default color for button links in the editor. (#52555)
  • Fix pullquote styling in editor when block has alignment. (#53112)
  • Update margins on full- and wide-aligned blocks in the editor. (#53428)
  • Correct customzier typo. (#53598)

Version 2.0

Released: March 9, 2021

  • Add “Read More” link text when using post excerpts. (#46177)
  • Add space between checkbox and text on for the cookies checkbox comments. (#46601)
  • unordered list styles in RTL languages. (#51573)
  • Synchronise ignored files between git and svn. (#52502)

Version 1.9

Released: December 22, 2020

  • Add images for use in block patterns. (#51996)
  • Add the block-patterns tag to the appropriate SASS file. (#52159)

Version 1.8

Released: December 8, 2020

  • Remove unnecessary references to some variables in twentynineteen_hsl_hex() before they are defined. (#49052)
  • Remove trailing commas after selectors in style-editor.scss. Remove one empty CSS block. (#51095)
  • Introduce block patterns for Twenty Nineteen. Add block-patterns tag to Twenty Nineteen. (#51099)
  • Correct punctuation in “Your comment is awaiting moderation” string. (#49867)
  • Declare support for the html5 feature navigation-widgets. (#51445)
  • Remove extra space from the comment link in TwentyNineteen_Walker_Comment. (#51533)
  • Docs: Fix and upgrade object docblock notations. (#50768)

Version 1.7

Released: August 11, 2020

  • Fixes the issue by adding specific styles for the horizontal rule tag. (#45912)
  • Add changes on horizontal rule tag to style-rtl.css file. (#45912)
  • Fixes dropcap appearing higher than expected in Firefox issue by adding moz specific top margin for the dropcap. (#45876)
  • Fixes the issue of long submenu item titles that do not wrap. (#45866)
  • Update editor styles to prepare for changes coming to the editor in 5.5. (#49613)
  • Ensure parity between the block editor and the front-end in Twenty Nineteen. (#49843)

Version 1.6

Released: June 10, 2020

  • Consider decreasing the font size for widget titles. (#45865)
  • Center- and right-aligned heading accents appear broken. (#49699)

Version 1.5

Released: March 31, 2020

  • Improve code organisation in template-functions.php (#45984)
  • Fixed Text color setting in pullquote block not applied. (#49410)
  • Update margins in editor styles to address upcoming block editor margin changes. (#48526)

Version 1.4

Released: May 7, 2019

  • Trigger a new wp_body_open action immediately after the opening body tag, and add shim. (#12563, #46679)
  • Update RTL styles to include less aggressive non-latin font fallbacks. (#45731)
  • Update readme.txt file content to fix validation errors. (#45871)
  • Remove stray ÷ character from theme’s SCSS. (#46083)
  • Remove forced left border on the quote block. (#46239)
  • Avoid nested links in the comment meta. (#46291)
  • Improve custom color behavior for InnerBlocks. (#46432)
  • Fix padding discrepancies in responsive styles for the Columns block. (#46643, #46999)
  • Correct theme’s URL to its location in the Theme Repository. (#46668)
  • Prevent too-long strings from causing horizontal scrolling. (#46704)
  • Fix inconsistent indentation in the theme’s SCSS. (#46821)
  • Fix inconsistent HTML comments after closing HTML tags. (#46871)

Version 1.3

Released: February 21, 2019

  • Fix page title alignment when there are no posts. (#45887)
  • Implement a less aggressive approach to non-latin font fallbacks. (#45731)

Version 1.2

Released: January 9, 2019

  • Update navigation JavaScript so it no longer follows links on touch start . (#45510)
  • Correct opacity and text shadow on submenus when there’s a featured image. (#45689)
  • Update the theme’s description and tags. (#45693)
  • Improve menu’s semantics and keyboard navigation. (#45713)
  • Remove underline from icon next to ‘Continue Reading’ link. (#45715)
  • Style right-aligned images to be pushed outside of the content column on the front end, to match how they look in the editor. (#45716)
  • Correct hover styles on outlined button blocks. (#45726)
  • Bump version numbers of updated scripts and stylesheets to prevent caching. (#45679)

Version 1.1

Released: December 19, 2018

  • General code and documentation improvements. (#45424, in r44187 and r44199)
  • Remove customization to the block editor toolbar that was causing issues. (#45424, in r44189)
  • Add breakpoint to columns block for better display on tablets. (#45369)
  • Correct issue with primary color theme option not working. (#45424, in r44192)
  • Add front end center align styles for the archive and category blocks. (#45424, in r44193)
  • Fix image_filter theme option conditional function. (#45424, in r44193)
  • Remove duplicate rule-line when a separator block is followed by H1/H2 in the editor. (#45424, in r44193)
  • Fix the gallery caption link color. (#45424, in r44196)
  • Remove left padding from pullquote blocks. (#45424, in r44196)
  • Print skip-link-focus-fix inline instead of enqueuing as blocking script. (#45424, in r44196)
  • Improve strings with placeholders to make them easier to translate. (#45424, in r44196)
  • Fix PHP warning that appeared in on single posts with featured images. (#45424, in r44199)
  • Add missing text domain and escaping to comment author text. (#45424, in r44199)
  • Remove hyphens rule for cover block text. (#45424, in r44199)
  • Fix left/right-aligned pullquote spacing. (#45424, in r44201)
  • Improve readme.txt to follow the correct standards for themes. (#45424, in r44201)
  • Sync up minor code formatting and missing styles from GitHub repo to SVN. (#45424, in r44202)

Version 1.0

Released: December 6, 2018

Initial Release.

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