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The Network Admin Updates Screen controls update process in the network. If an update is available, you᾿ll see a notification appear in the Toolbar and navigation menu. Keeping your site updated is important for security. It also makes the internet a safer place for you and your readers. There are two screens under the Network Admin > Updates. In the default Available Updates Screen , you can update WordPress, themes and plugins. After you updates to the latest version of WordPress, you can upgrade all the sites on your network from Upgrade Network Screen.

Available Updates

On this Available Updates Screen, you can update to the latest version of WordPress, as well as update your themes and plugins from the repositories.

How to Update

WordPress Updating your WordPress installation is a simple one-click procedure: just click on the “Update Now” button when you are notified that a new version is available. In most cases, WordPress will automatically apply maintenance and security updates in the background for you.

Themes and Plugins: To update individual themes or plugins from this screen, use the checkboxes to make your selection, then click on the appropriate “Update” button. To update all of your themes or plugins at once, you can check the box at the top of the section to select all before clicking the update button.

Translation: Translation files are updated when it is needed. Click the “Update Translation” button when you are notified that a new translation is available.

Upgrade Network

This Upgrade Network Screen is used to upgrade all the sites in a Network after a WordPress upgrade is completed. After a WordPress upgrade, you are reminded to visit the Upgrade Networks with a message such as, “Thank you for Updating! Please visit the Upgrade Network page to upgrade all of your sites.”

The Upgrade Networks feature will step through each site, five at a time, and make sure any database changes are applied. This menu item is only visible if you are logged in as a Super Admin role user. You can access it from any site in the network.

If for any reason a site does not get upgraded, each site should be upgraded when the admin for that site logs in to the administration for that site. Sites that have been deactivated will not be upgraded by this process, however, if a site is reactivated, the site will get upgraded when an admin for that site logs in to the dashboard for that site.

Upgrade Network Click this button to start the upgrade process. Clicking the Upgrade Network button will step through each site in the network, five at a time, and make sure any database updates are applied.

If a version update to core has not happened, clicking this button won’t affect anything.

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