WordCamp mentors are Community Team deputies who have experience organizing WordCamps and want to help other organizers have a great time planning a WordCamp. As a mentor, your job is the same as every deputy job at WordCamp Central: to help make official community events easier to organize and better for attendees.

At any one time, we need to have about 30-50 deputies mentoring WordCamp organizers. (We don’t have this many right now, eek!) A WordCamp mentor is the Community Team/WordCamp Central contact for a lead organizer, and also helps a lead organizer keep her team on schedule by checking in every month during pre-planning and every 2 weeks during active planning to make sure things are going as planned. We hope to create some tools soon that make it easier for mentors to keep tabs on their WordCamps, but currently it’s still a little manual. 🙂

Hopefully you will be able to help organizers avoid problems before they become problems. We depend on deputies who are mentoring WordCamps to check in frequently with their WordCamp(s), and also keep up to date on new tools, developments, and decisions made by the Community Team.

We count on mentors to advise organizing teams and share their experience and knowledge. Mentors are not on the planning team, so you shouldn’t be doing any actual organizing tasks.

The time commitment for WordCamp mentors is around 2-3 hours per month, per WordCamp: two 30m meetings per month, plus another hour or so per month keeping up with Community Team happenings and (important!) reporting on the WordCamps you’re mentoring.

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