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Running the Meeting

Follow the agenda and share relevant links for each agenda item, allowing for relevant discussion.

Tip: It is helpful and time-saving to type out a script in advance, so you can copy and paste the text in the meeting as you go along.

Since contributors attend meetings from all over the world, it’s important to start and stop at the announced times. It is generally a good practice to try to keep the conversation moving in the interest of time. If heated debates start to happen and/or a discussion goes on too long, guide folks to post/comment on the blog for further discussion.

The course on conflict resolution will be helpful here.

Continue until each agenda item is covered. If there is time, you can open discussion on other topics that may come up.

Closing the Meeting

When the last conversation has concluded or the meeting end time has been reached (whichever comes first), thank everyone for attending and remind them when the next meeting will occur.

After the Meeting

Post a summary, including any notes taken during the meeting, within 24 hours, so that people who did not attend can catch up on the discussion. Posting summaries is a great way to give new participants an opportunity to take on more responsibility or leadership on a team.

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