Once your mentorship training is done, you’ll be introduced to a WordCamp that you’re mentoring via email. We’ll try our best to make the time zones work out, and let us know if you have any preferences. You can mentor more than one WordCamp at a time, but we don’t recommend taking on more than 2-3 at a time.

To get started mentoring, schedule a 30 minute meeting every two weeks with the WordCamp you’re mentoring — this can be with just the lead organizer or with the the whole organizing team — and help the lead organizer keep planning on-track. We’ve found that a video chat goes faster, but a text chat is also fine. Regular check-ins are important.

Please use one of the following checklists when you’re checking in with your WordCamp:
•    Mentoring Checklist (English)
•    Mentoring Checklist (Japanese)

How should I communicate with the organizing team I’m mentoring?

Great question! While it’s a little clunky, the SupportPress queue is the best way to communicate via email with the organizing team that you’re mentoring — it allows the whole Community Team to access the emails between you and the team, which is really helpful if you have to step away from mentoring for some reason or another (it happens). Our triagers will Notify you when an email comes in for you. If you prefer to communicate via Slack, please use an open channel like #events if possible.

OK, I met with the organizing team I’m mentoring. Now what?

After you meet with the team you’re mentoring, please write a short summary of your check-in as a comment in one of the Weekly Update posts on so that the whole team can keep up to date on each camp’s progress. Your summary could read something like this (more detail is better):
•    Checked in with WordCamp Narnia. They posted their call for speakers and sponsors last week and are setting a date for a speaker training event for the meetup for 3 weeks from now. They have made a list of potential local sponsors, and each team member will take 3 companies to contact within the next two weeks. Logo design is in process, and they’ll review options in their next organizer meeting, which is this Monday. They hope to have the site design launched in the next two weeks.

What happens if the WordCamp organizing team I’m mentoring asks a question I can’t answer?

If something comes up with the WordCamp you’re mentoring and you don’t know how to advise them, ask for help in the #community-events Slack channel or email

This lead organizer cancelled our biweekly meeting and hasn’t replied to my emails. What should I do?

If the WordCamp organizing team you’re mentoring hasn’t been able to meet in more than a month, please raise a flag with the Community Team so we can reach out and see what’s up. You’re not getting anyone in trouble — you’re helping us find out what the problem is. 🙂

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