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At what point should someone be given different admin levels of access to the group?

There are a three levels of meetup access, you can read about the specific from the link below.

Meetup member levels:

There are no set rules surrounding member user level access. This is a group decision. It is suggested that if you are actively involved with scheduling events and interacting with members that your role should allow you to connect with the members to keep them informed of your events.

I run a separate meetup group. Can I organize a joint meetup?

Cross pollination of meetup groups is a huge community bonus that we encourage. We ask that you only schedule joint meetup events that specifically relate to WordPress.

What is an event that is specifically relates to WordPress?

Some examples:

  • The SEO Meetup group might do a joint meetup on a WordPress specific SEO plugin.
  • Perhaps you have a Writers Meetup and you are looking to do an event that shows your users how to publish their work to the web.
  • Perhaps you have a Photography Meetup and you would like to help your members find a WordPress theme that displays their photos best.

 Special Offer Emails

As an organizer, can I send special offer emails to members, through the meetup system, from a business or another member?

Example Scenario: Jane Apple contacted Cindy who is the meetup organizer of Cool City USA. Jane Apple is a sales rep for a business name Cool City WordPress Security. Jane wants to offer the group a free trial as way to get the word out about their service.

Emails sent to members should fall within this range:
The goal of group communication should be to better the communities understanding of WordPress, help facilitate interaction between users and bring awareness to local businesses or freelancers.

A few points on what to consider when allowing members to send messages to the meetup group:
  • Does the sender giving the offer pass all the requirements needed to be a WordCamp sponsor or speaker? If so it means they meet expectations for how they treat the WordPress license & trademark.
  • Is the sender local to the meetup group? If not they may want to contact WordCamp central about being a sponsor at your city’s next WordCamp.
  • Is the sender offering a any discount? It is suggested that a minimum of 15% or more be given if the offer includes a purchase. Without a substantial discount the email becomes another spam message to the members.
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