Course Category: Community Team

  • WordPress Meetup Organizer Training

    6 Lessonsin

    Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress meetup organizing! Before we begin When you organize a local WordPress meetup, a number of responsibilities come along with that. The following content will cover all of that and give you some tips on how to encourage your community to be the best it can be. So how does this […]

  • WordCamp Organizer Training

    34 Lessonsin

    This course contains quizzes you may use to test your knowledge of various aspects of WordCamp. The primary source of information for the questions in this course, is the WordCamp Organizer Handbook.

  • WordCamp Mentor Training

    2 Lessonsin

    This course is focussed on helping to equip WordCamp mentors. You can find out more about the WordCamp mentorship program here:

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  • WordPress Community Deputy Training

    17 Lessonsin

    This course is a new approach to training deputies on the Community Team. Previously, we had focused training on tasks, like reviewing applications and budgets, or mentoring organizers. We still want to train people on tasks, but recently we decided to spend more time on open source methods and how they’re used in WordPress community […]

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