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  • Meeting Etiquette

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    WordPress community teams meet regularly to connect in real time. Teams should feel free to find what works for them, but here are the two types that are seen most often. Team Meetings: These are typically scheduled on regular dates and times. Some teams choose to have them weekly or monthly on the same day […]

  • Writing in the WordPress Voice

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    Because the WordPress community is global, it’s important to remember that everyone has different circumstances, knowledge, and levels of experience. As a general rule, all written communication should be clear and friendly, with a tone that’s on the positive side of neutral. Language choice is important since most communication is in text and English. Staying […]

  • Basic Principles of Conflict Resolution

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    Some disagreements come from misunderstandings, while others come from unpleasant mistakes. When disagreements happen in open source it’s best to assume positive intent and remember that “bug-hunting and criticism are always project-labeled, not person labeled.” Creating an inclusive environment is an ongoing process of gentle course correction. No one ever got everything right the first […]