Fan Art

Members of the WordPress community have made a number of cool items that allow you to fashionably brag on your favorite blogging tool. (WordPress.)


Chuck, the SEO rapper, performed a WordPress rap at WordCamp San Francisco 2008.

Not sure if WordPress is a CMS? Check out this song:

Permanent Tattoo

In 2009, Ed Morita got a permanent tattoo with the WordPress logo in it. Cool!

In 2010, John Hawkins joined him:

In 2011, Martin Beas Nunez joined them:

In 2012, Dre Armeda joined them:

Also in 2012, Drew Olanoff joined them as part of a fundraiser for childhood cancer awareness:

In 2016, Jeff Matson joined them:

At WordCamps we usually have a few temporary tattoos that people affix to various parts of their body.


WordPress WordPress Created in WordPress WordPress Forged

WordPress WordPress WordPress WordPress WordPress

WordPress Globe WordPress Brasil


Friends don’t let friends use the wrong WordPress logo. If you see one of these in the wild, please link them to our logo page.