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Twenty Fourteen


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Why do the Default WordPress Themes Always Suck?
By , for WP 3.8.1

Why can't the default wordpress themes be simple, basic css structures that all US to customize them.

1. They need to allow css elements to inherit their styles. For example if I set the a link color at the beginning of the css file I shouldn't then have to go through the rest of the css file and change it 20 more times.

2. The default twenty fourteen theme has a black side bar on the left using the :before selector. When using some basic css tools like IE's dev tools that element can't be selected and identified. I've been building web sites for 13+ years.....if it takes me more than 30 seconds to identify an element like that.....its too complicated. I wasted an HOUR trying to figure out where that was hiding.

3. Media query's should work and be kept simple. The twenty fourteen theme has a min-width which doesn't seem to work. I've always seen this as a max-screen width....why the change?

The bottom line. I end up charging clients an extra 5 hours (which is never enough) to build wordpress sites because of these bad themes. Its NOT reusable code. Default themes should be reusable and quickly customizable. I shouldn't have to spend HOURS sorting through them and deleting the vast majority of the settings.

5 stars
Very nice, responsive theme
By , for WP 3.8.1

Overall a really nice theme, needs just a few tweaks here and there, and you probably want to adjust the colors, so make sure you also get "Fourteen Colors," "Fourteen Extended," and "Twenty Fourteen Enhanced Image Navigation." All of these could really be incorporated into the theme.

2 stars
Theme is good looking, but css is very flawed.
By , for WP 3.8.1

left sidebar is too wide in firefox
entry-content (post area) is too narrow with too much padding on right
right sidebar is too wide with too much padding on right
The space between the post (entry-content) and the right sidebar is too large

in WebKit, the Left sidebar is 'moved' to the bottom of the page, below everything else and becomes as wide as the viewpoint.

in the css entries are double entered as if someone didn't keep track of what they were doing.

There is more wrong with it, but I have no time for this. I may find some more time latter to 'fix' the css and if I do, I'll let someone know where to get the 'fixed' css...

The general look and color scheme, I like... I spent an hour or more on the css and was unable to get it 'spaced' correctly... So, I went back to my old theme...


p.s., NO, you know what... I can't stand to be beat.. 'fixing' things is what I do... I'll keep it up for now. that way I am reminded to work on it...

5 stars
Best theme from wordpress
By , for WP 3.6.1

Thank you very good theme!!!

4 stars
Looks good!
By , for WP 3.8.1

It's looked good..

5 stars
Best WordPress Theme Yet.
By , for WP 3.8.1

Love it.

Looks really professional and uptodate.

Keep it going.

Don't need half the plugins I had with better options now built in.

5 stars
child theme small business
By , for WP 3.8.1

I don't see a problem with it, It makes a beautiful child theme for a small business. I am using this theme for an optometry business, using WP for the first time. I haven't used many themes, but I feel it's much easier to understand, and makes better use of space over 2013. I understand WP is considering a different approach on 2015, toning it down to focus on core features, but I think this them is pretty genius. I haven't had to use a single custom_post_type. Not that they are bad, but they are somewhat over my css driven background.

3 stars
CSS could be much more simple.
By , for WP 3.8.1

From the first look design looks clean and simple, but when you start inspecting or trying to customize something with your own CSS...

I don't like the way CSS is written it has some hacks which makes it harder to customize. For egzample, sidebar background is put not on sidebar itself but on .site:before {}

5 stars
Epic Theme!
By , for WP 3.8.1

Just amazing what we have been able to do with this theme. We have just launched my husband's premium subscription website with a twenty fourteen child theme, 46 plugins and almost no code tweeking. You developers have done an amazing job creating this. Thank you!

5 stars
Briliant theme
By , for WP 3.8.1

The content in this theme pops out. Very good use of images and typography.

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