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WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a free, powerful plugin that empowers you to sell anything online, quickly and easily.


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You get what you pay for...
By , for WP 3.5

I developed a website for a client with very, very minimal needs. He doesn't sell anything online - he simply lists products and needed a more structured way to manage them than to edit a regular WP page constantly. Enter WP e-Commerce, the seemingly perfect solution. It's free, and with some editing, it does what he needs.

That said, we still have been unable to make the setting for 'no thumbnail cropping' work properly, so the users must pre-size all images before posting them. In addition, when we had a major issue due to an update installation, the only way to get actual support was to pay $47 for the 'Gold' upgrade, which entitled us to a single support request that took several days to get a response.

So if you're running a smallish business and know how to code, go for it. If you're doing anything that requires heavy lifting or you need serious support options, go for something more robust than this.

4 stars
Did a good job for what I needed it for
By , for WP 3.5.1

Worked well for my online store.
Had some quirks but was good overall.

1 star
*uck em
By ,

Great plugin if all you know is clicking, but if you are coder this crap will melt you brain. Short description from developer way for this plugin would be. This monkey is not required in here, but i'll put it anyway let it take shit and mess everything.

1 star
Very Unhappy
By , for WP 3.4.2

Purchased plugin and waited 3 days for electronic delivery. Never delivered, and we had to move on and get a different plugin.

Now, will not return payment. I have been waiting over a month, and now they will not answer emails.


5 stars
Extreamly flexible
By , for WP 3.4.2

The first one and so far the most advanced e-commerce plugin

1 star
By , for WP 3.4.2

The external shipping interface would not work. Customers could charge themselves shipping for one state and get it shipped to another. Support was non-existent. If they had fixed these features, I would have been happy to use this plugin. I went with cart66.

5 stars
Nice Cart - Great Support!
By , for WP 3.5.1

I am using WPEC on more oand more of the WordPress sites I manage and my clients are happy with the functionality and the ease of use.

The 5th star is for the superb support I received to get the DPS payment gateway working smoothly on my server hosting.

The work required to keep plugins up to date cannot be under estimated and this is another reason I support the teams that stay with their product year in and year out.

1 star
Dreadful code base. Developers beware.
By , for WP 3.5

I've been using WP e-Commerce for a couple of years... at first, because it was the only solution that integrated with WordPress in any meaningful and easy-to-use way.

Unfortunately, this plugin id a developer's worst nightmare. Unbelievable amounts of presentational code that should have been made customizable via template files is instead hard-coded into the core. That's right... if you want to modify basic features like "Customers Also Purchased" templates... you have modify WP eCommerce's CORE. Have fun upgrading that in the future. Unfortunately, that's a common theme here - almost every part of this plugin is programmed in the most haphazard, poorly considered way imaginable.

The way this package handles of digital downloads is a disaster. Let me explain...

Adding digital products is pretty straightforward initially... you add files by uploading them to a specific folder on the server, then, when you attach the files to a particular product, a new post is created in a hidden custom post type.

By itself, that's no issue... but this is where things start to really suck... every time you add a file to a product, even the same file over multiple products, a new post is created with a reference to the file on the server, leaving you with multiple file reference entries in the database. And more bizzarely, the post title is used for the file path while post content is not used - so you can't give files meaningful names nor can you manage your files in any reasonable manner other than by hand using a MySQL editor. So... you now have multiple posts referencing the same file... and those file-posts are linked to products using post_parent. Got it? Ok, brace yourself, this is where it gets messy...

If a customer buys a product that contains attached files, a guid is generated for each download link and a database record saved with a reference to the aforementioned non-public file-post in the database to obfuscate the files... BUT... if you ever remove a file from a product (i.e. you click the red X in the Edit Product screen), even accidentally, it permanently breaks every link for every existing purchase (of that file) in the database. If you add a new file to the product, WP eCommerce will not generate new links for existing customers... nor does it even provide an option for it... because in the database, download links and purchases/carts are entirely independent. Oh, and WP e-Commerce doesn't allow you create manual orders from the back-end if something gets screwed up (which is all too likely considering the mess that is the code base). Sure, there's a $50 add-on you can buy, but it's broken too, and requires substantial developer hacking to get working.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this disastrous software at all costs. Check out WooCommerce instead. While it's not perfect either (trust me, no ecommerce software is - and I have developed for all of them), it is much more admin-friendly, developer-friendly and FAR more well thought-out.

4 stars
Simple plugin, but no support
By , for WP 3.5

Simple plugin, but I need little customization and send five email, no reply :(

1 star
Nothing but trouble
By , for WP 3.5.1

Purchased WP e-commerce Gold Cart plugin, hoping that I would be able to take care of the little things you usually encounter with a WP plugin.

This plugin is HORRIBLE! The code sucks, questions on the support forum are never answered, and the documentation is worth nothing.

Categories of products: I rewrote the grid-view to be able to drill down categories without showing all products. I expected there to be functions to do so, but no.
Shipping: Cannot get shipping to stick. It will default to whatever it finds.
Category images do not stick. Category default view does not stick. Category image size determines the grid size, had to fudge.

DO NOT USE. I repeat: do not use!

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