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WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a free, powerful plugin that empowers you to sell anything online, quickly and easily.


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5 stars
amazing software
By Plugin Author, for WP 3.4.2

gotta say its pretty good..few bugs here and there but for a free plugin i say is the best out there
support is A+

5 stars
I love WP e-Commerce Plugin
By Plugin Author, for WP 3.4.2

The WP e-Commerce Plugin was the worlds very first WordPress Shopping cart Plugin and helped attract over 200K users to WordPress (from zencart users etc). There are millions of people using WPEC to generate millions of dollars of revenue.

WPEC is a good piece of software and the team is committed to making it better and better. 2012 saw a very large portion of the code being overhauled to WordPress coding standards and we introduced a new premium support system for our customers and has resulted in many THOUSANDS of resolved threads and many happy customers.

The next release will see a new template engine, even more tidy code and some great new e-Commerce features.

The team is 100% committed to WPEC being the best Plugin for e-Commerce ever.

5 stars
The other side of the world
By , for WP 3.4.2

For a freebie this plug-in can not be faulted.

I use it now for 3 sites and although I have had a few problems the support has been exceptional. Admittedly at first responses were a tad slow, one every morning to be accurate. But they are the other side of the world to me so this was nothing more than expected.

Then the support properly kicked in and over the course of a day here( that's 9am-ish to 10pm-ish), which must have been a night and half a day there, the problems I was having were sorted out. I do have premium support from buying the gold cart upgrade.I know this helped, but even then, They went way above what I expected. I know the guy who helped me sort this put in way more effort then I had expected. Now that to me is well worth the cost of the gold cart upgrade ( It cost me around £26 )

Very happy to give them 5 stars and would happily recommend this plug-in to others

5 stars
Support Explanation
By Plugin Author, for WP 3.4.2

A quick note on support and some of the haters (gonna hate!).

Quick disclosure.

1) I'm not employed by Instinct, the company behind the plugin. I don't personally provide "support" for the plugin.

2) I am an author on the plugin - I'm the only author of it that isn't employed by Instinct. I spend a lot of time, unpaid, making this plugin better.

So, some support education -

1) There's a lot of great e-commerce options available. If you look at the free ones, none of them provide stellar support. It's a hard thing to provide support for a small free plugin - try providing support for a free plugin that has been downloaded 2.1 million times. Even the strictly paid plugins (Cart66, Shopp, etc.) leave quite a bit to be desired in the support realm.

2) The support Instinct does provide has gotten better in the last year or so. They've been working on it. Does it still suck sometimes? Sure. I have yet to work with any company that has a 100% track record.

3) Someone mentioned all the 1-star ratings. Quick thought on that - WPeC was the very first plugin around (by several years) that handled general e-commerce. The first version was released for WP 1.5. Take five minutes and go install 1.5. See what it looked like. If you're a developer, take a few minutes and figure out what hooks were available to use, let alone custom post types and taxonomies. Then imagine building a user base of hundreds of thousands, maintaining backwards compatibility for them, and still innovating and at least keeping up with the newer options - if not out-innovating them.

Yeah...that's hard. It's really, really hard. There's bumps along the way and people, rather than realizing it's a small company trying to do the best they can - that ultimately, it's real people behind the software - people like to leave crappy little notes and one-star ratings.

I was almost one of those people. But back in 2010, this was all there was, and it was buggy - like, really buggy. But instead of complaining (to be fair, I complained a bit) - I emailed Dan (Instinct CEO) and said "Hey, let me help you.". Open-source software is rad because of the possibility of collaboration - not complaining.

So if you think it sucks - great. Patches welcome. Be part of something bigger than you.

1 star
Poor support, bug fixes break other functions
By , for WP 3.4.2

I can't believe anyone would pay for this wreck of a plugin. Support, even when your upgrade to paid, is negligible at best.

3 stars
Thankful for table update to divs
By , for WP 3.4.2

WP e-commerce has had a great update, still not perfect but better.

1 star
dont waste your time
By , for WP 3.4.2

This plugin has more 1 stars than any other, should be a clue. I didn't listen to that clue or all the reviews of this ecommerce being buggy. It worked pretty good until 3.8.9 released. Immediately broke my 3 sites. They did a quick fix on that one though. Later to find out shipping was broke from the update. Lost the ability to enter any numbers in the shipping and weights section of product edit, both new and previous products. This might even be fixed by now but after posting on their "support" forum the only replies I had were my own with additional information for finding a fix. I waited a week for nothing and was losing sales. Finally I switched to a different ecommerce and now that I've gotten past the learning curve I have figured out that the one I'm using now is actually better anyway. So now I have about 200 items to relist. Its gonna be a long weekend.

1 star
It's not worth the work you have to do in order to fix bugs
By ,

As mentioned above, support is poor. Well, the plugin is very buggy, if they think that that's the way of getting money, I'm going back to HTML, no problem!

4 stars
bugfix came very fast
By , for WP 3.4.2

See title - I'm not able to edit products on page 2 to n becaue when I click on next page in backend it shows me all product of the first page again.
Please fix this asap!
Two stars because version 3.8.9 fixed some bug nevertheless.

Edit: This was a fast bugfix. Seems to be OK now.

5 stars
Great for Customizing eCommerce
By , for WP 3.4.2

If you need to customize your eCommerce functions, this plugin is one of the best.

You'll need to upgrade to get decent support as the support for the free version isn't the best at the moment.

Personally i prefer Woo Commerce because of the extensions and ease of setup.

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