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WP-Client Lite :: Client Portals, Secure File Exchange, Messaging & Invoicing

WP-Client Client Management & Billing Plugin that gives you the ultimate in flexibility to integrate into your current site.

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1 star
Supoort is the worst I have EVER experienced!
By ,

I purchased this plugin and submitted a support ticket and have heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement that my support question was being dealt with. I have had better support from free plugins to be honest, and this is not the sort of service I expect from a premium (and rather expensive) plugin.

The documentation is garbage also. DO NOT BUY - you've been warned!!

2 stars
It didnt work for me, but i got a refund! (Updated)
By , for WP 3.9.1

Last update:

ive got my refund nearly instandly so if you want to try it try it. for that i raised the rating from one star to two stars.

maybe you have more luck than i have.


I requested a refund today. It took them 11 days to process my ticked and the the answer was

Are you uses SMTP? if yes, please check that in field Sender for SMTP settings you set Sender Email... not sender name.

even if i told them in my opening ticket that this apeared after the last update. both php mail and smtp dont work. the test of the emailsettings in the plugin backend hoewer work. still my clients dont get informed when a new invoice is created.

this plugin has made me so much trouble and i lost so much time plus it has the worst support i ever experienced with a premium plugin. avoid it at any cost.

i will report back and tell you if i at least get my refund.


still no fix or answer to the issues, but at least they are fair and extended my trial period till the issues are resolved. currently i am just struggle to entrust this plugin my invoicing even if it works because of the history. software will aleways have bugs, but i just cant scare my cutomers with this. i will keep this up to date.



Still do not buy this!

1) They made an update which includes recuring invoicing... which seems to not work. You can do a paypal subscription but there are no new invoices created automatically which is essential for germany. i have to create an invoice for every payment made. i still waiting for an anser to my question if this is inteded or if it is planned to create invoices automatically

2) the bug whith the invoices not shown is fixed

3) the bug that the quantety will not be safed is fixed and comes with a completely new interface (which in my opinion is worse than the oldone but still very useable)

4) since the last update the "send the invoice with email to the customer function" is not working anymore which is a game breaker again

5) you cant set the date for the invoice manually which is esential to create older invoices...

to be hornest if they can fix the issues and generate invoices automatically this would be the best plugin out there at least from the functionalety. but right now i cant recommend it at all as it is still broken :(

ive contacted the support again and requested a refund or a extension of my trialperioud till they fix the errors. i will report back here and let you know how it goes and will adapt my rating.



At first it looked really great and as i couldnt find so much reviews i just thougt i try it. please dont make the same mistake :(

1) the general idea behind this product is great but it is just to buggy right now. i still love the idea to get this work, but right now its unuseable!

2) the messaging system is a joke! ive programmed something like this as a kid.

3) currently i cant create invoices, or better i can create them but the quantety doesnt get safed! i mean wtf, this is a programm mainly for invoicing und one bug is that the quantety of the positions dont get safed?!?!?! (i am not the onlyone with this problem)

4) when i click on an invoice i come to a 404 page... without a particular reason...

5) so far no usefull answer to those problems from customer support (since 3-4 days)

6) a core feature which i need is to sending recuring invoices, so i asked in the pressales if the plugin can do this and i was told that this feeature is under development and will be released in the not so distance future... after buying this plugin i looked a little in the supportforums and found, that this feature is "under development" for almost a jear and the release was pushed back again and again sometimes with no answer to the cumunity for month :/

i work with wordpress for over 8 years and this seems to be the only paid plugin which fails to maintain its core functunality

i will report back here if something changes or we find the bugs. if this thing works AND the feature is developed it will be a 3.8/5 because of the the lack of ducumentation und the usability, but it still would be a plugin whcih is worth is money.

5 stars
Excellent CRM plugin
By , for WP 3.8.1

Follow the instructions and this plugin is easy to set up and get running. It is an excellent add on for any website dealing with clients. The extensions package is well worth investing in. I highly recommend. I would like to see a couple more extensions added to it - a Notes area where you can leave notes in relation to the client or a To Do list.

The plugin automatically creates the portal and hub pages and I found it useful to set each client's login and logout pages, these can be different for each client. Lots of nice features that make this a very useable CRM plugin.

1 star
False promises
By , for WP 3.8.1

At first glance, this looks like an amazing plugin (I even bought the pro version). However, once you get it, you realize there is no documentation, no tutorials. (Any videos they have on their YouTube page are dated back 2011 and are useless)

It's not intuitive or user friendly

When you add clients (in which you have to provide an email address) and save, it doesn't appear in the client list. If you try to add it again it says the email address is already taken.

Would avoid at all cost.

1 star
By ,

first time I have ever posted a review. ProVersion... Wasted time on false promises... GARBAGE!!!!

1 star
Needs better documentation
By ,

Implementing this from a development standpoint is a nightmare and there is virtually zero technical documentation available for reference. Not impressed with this plugin at all. It boasts a lot of interesting features but they are implemented poorly at best.

5 stars
Saved the day
By , for WP 3.7.1

When they are aware of your problem, they work to fix it - bumpy start - smooth end - thanks so much!

1 star
Not very good at all.
By , for WP 3.6

This is mainly a hook to make you buy a Pro version. I installed it and found most of the functions I was seeking weren't even available unless you get the Pro version. It's very disappointing.

I'm not exactly averse to buying a Pro version but their setup for that leaves a lot to be desired, too.

1 star
Buggy plugin
By , for WP 3.5.2

I don't know if it was just me but I found several bugs in this plugin without trying too hard.

1. I created a new user account in the admin console but it never got added to my list of new users. I thought I had just made a mistake so I tried creating the new user again. When I did, I got this message "Email address is already in use another Client or standard WordPress user. Please use a unique email address". So Basically I couldn't create the user anymore under the same email address.

2. After managing to create a new user, I went to the login page and this is what I get when I enter wrong credentials "$data['error_msg']". How horrible that is! Users don't need to see that kind of a message. How about a "Wrong username and/or password. Please try again." ?

3. When you click the LOGOUT link I'm taken to a 404 page (the standard Windows 404). I guess I should be taken to the Homepage or something?

There's actually a few more but I guess those three are enough. I think you need to spend a bit of time working on the bugs before offering a PRO version? By the way, considering the number of bugs found and after going through the plugin features I'd say the Lite version is "VERY Lite". Not much offered!

1 star
plugin has bugs and customer support very poor
By ,

I have purchased the WP-Client (the paid addition) the plugin does not automatically create the pages for me as it should and also when the plugin is activated I am unable to use the normal "upload media" option that is located in all pages and posts on the Word Press cpanel.

I sent an email for support to the WP-Client plugin developers and even with their responses the problem has not been fixed. The last response I had was two days ago seems like once they have your money they just run (well that is how I feel).

I will keep all updated if they manage to fix this issue.

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