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Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security and performance plugin that makes your site up to 50 times faster and more secure.

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4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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1 star
By , for WP 3.9.1

I run about 15 wordpress sites.

This plugin has a great collection of reviews so i thought i'd try it out.

I ran this plugin for about 2 months.

Shortly after installing, i started getting suspicious login attempts and plenty of ads to upgrade wordfence.

I wonder if with the collection of reviews that this plugin has generated, now they're adjusting things to push sales?

Hmmmmm, that would be a tactic. I uninstalled this.

1 star
Scans not running
By , for WP 3.9.1

Support has been dilatory and unhelpful.
Wordfence used to be good, now I have deleted it.

1 star
Made my page unaccessably slow
By , for WP 3.9.1

I have installed this plugin, and it was OK at the beginning. I liked it's features, but after the site became pretty complex (if I can say that installing a stock premium theme + demo content -all together 13mb zipped- makes it pretty complex) it became so slow that it took 4-5 minutes just to load the login page. I tested it from different locations and ISP's to make sure it's not a local problem, also contacted my host, and they double checked the server for me. When the plugin started scanning the 4-5 minutes increased to unaccessabilty. Disabling only this plugin reverted everything to normal 2-5 second loading speed.I was even debating with my host over the matter, because I was so sure, that the problem is at their side, sadly I was wrong.
I don't recommend using this plugin untill it's really fixed! As previous posters said it eats up the memory of your server, I didn't checked this fact, but the effects was pretty convincig.

1 star
Wordfence is highly likely to breakd your WordPress Multisite.
By ,

Broke my multisite. Like alot of other people, Wordfence causes login problems with redirecting the wp-admin. Giving me a headache.

1 star
Find no one from 3 hackers injections
By , for WP 3.9.1

I've a blog attacked by hackers and which contains 3 files with
malicious code. After I've cured blog, I put malicious code back,
install Wordfence and run scan.
Nothing was found!!!
Very impressive result.

1 star
Might be good, but never 100% worked for me.
By ,

I really like the concept of Wordfence and paid for it expecting timely tech support if necessary. I installed, turned on Falcon, and my whole website of about 3,000 blog pages ended up with 404 errors for all but the home page. I had no idea how to trouble shoot this, and tried to get on pace with a technical support process that needed full admin access to my website backend. That was fine, but backend access for a stranger was not something I prefered to leave in place for days on end, which is what the support process appeared to require. Nor could I leave the broken website broken for trouble shooting, as it's a fully monetized blog with up to 15,000 unique visitors a day. I'm giving this one star rating for now, will revisit in a few months and see if the support threads have calmed down, and if there is a new version to try.

The refund was prompt and courteous.

Thanks, MTN

1 star
Another advertising plugin that lies you to sell
By , for WP 3.9

I just installed the plugin, and it's not more than a sales counter to sell you a service.
It even goes beyond "the mechanic telling you to change stuff which is fine" (normal for virus-scanner software).

The buttons for "view what is different" on the fake scan results for a plugin marked as "DIFFERENT THAN THE VERSION IN REPOSITORY!" doesn't even take you anywhere.

I took the task to find the repository for the exact version (Akismet 2.2.7) and compared it myself with the version in my site, and THEY ARE IDENTICAL. Byte by byte.

Other features other than "SCAN AND LIE TO ME" or "UPGRADE" don't work either. It just takes you to a not found page.

My site IS infected with some spamming code, and this didn't even found it in my theme files.

Again, this is just a useless window to sell you something you might even not need, based on terror.


1 star
Out of Memory Error
By ,

Made my blog slow and unusable.

1 star
Out of Memory Errors that trigger Mysql process kills have plague this plugin
By , for WP 3.9

I have had recurring issues with this plugin. It is a tremendous memory hog and its design often causes it to use up all the memory in a server (which then triggers the process killer to target and kill the largest running process--Mysql!)

I have attempted to get help from the devs at various stages of its development to no avail. The most recent version--5.0.4--has clearly changed in a way that now causes EVERY scan attempt to kill Mysql and take down my site (along with the running scan). This is on a server running one site and using 1 gig of real memory and 500 megs of virtual swap memory!

If you monitor your server during a scan you can clearly see how it spawns more and more database connections (as it attempts to keep running past the max_execution_time). But there is no way to release all the paused sessions! If you have too much data and files you WILL eventually experience this.

I can only assume they are making money off premium accounts from small sites?

Worse, they don't offer the often to run your scans "in pieces" so that you can complete part of a scan, release database connections (and memory) and then run another part of the scan. This lack of flexibility I believe also relates to their inability to design the plugin to work properly.

1 star
No support for free version
By , for WP 3.8.2

Got locked out of my site by word fence asked for an unlock email to be sent and they never replied. It happened 3 different times so I ended up deleting from my site and just added a large digit password, would never use it again and certainly wouldn't trust them by paying for the item.

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