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W3 Total Cache

Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.


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1 star
It works....but after update
By ,

As above, its a mighty powerful plugin, but the annouying pop up wont go away!! If I wanted a link in my footer i'd put it there!! :(

1 star
Broke my theme's mobile site menu
By ,

This plugin didn't work with my theme, Alien WP's Origin. Installing it disabled the menu on the mobile version of my site and I was unable to resolve this so had to uninstall W3 Total Cache.

1 star
Do not install at this point
By , for WP 3.8.1

Do not install at this point. It's not working very well with WP 3.8.1.
Don't install it to "try it out", you will get seriuos issues with speed testing sites even after you discover that it sucks at this stage and uninstalling it.
Plus the authors is nowhere to be found at the support forum here.

1 star
NOT 3.8.1 compatible...
By , for WP 3.8.1

As soon as WP did an auto update I was having problems.
As soon as I deactivated W3 Total Cache.. the problems disappeared...

I was lucky to have noticed, in admin mode I wasnt seeing it.. but I was building a forum and logged out to test it.. that's when I saw it. Logged back in.. it worked again.. that was my first clue. At first I thought it was the Revolution slider, because that's where it was most noticable.. but after hrs of trying this and that... it was when I deactivated Total Cache that everything was normal again.

I hope this gets resolved, right now it seems that Total Cache is not compatible with 3.8.1. I hate having it off and hope it doesnt effect my google ratings too badly with the slower download speed.

1 star
Shame about the bugs
By ,

I was really pleased when I put this plugin on my site - the Google PageSpeed response was better than with any other combination of plugins. And then I checked on a variety of browsers - and the only browser that rendered my site properly was Chrome. To cut a long story short, the problem is isolated to page cache setting - all is well when it's deselected! Which is not much use because that's where I got all the pagespeed improvements. When W3 is active and page chache is active, IE,Safari and Firefox only render the header and footer of my site. All else is missing!n It's a shame - this seems like a superb plugin!

1 star
internal error 505
By ,

Ho installato questo plugin su un multisite e mi è apparso internal error 505.
Oltre non vedere più il sito non riuscivo più ad entrare in wp.
Dopo che l'ho cancellato sono continuati i problemi, neppure facendo il backup del sito ho risolto nulla. Ci sono voluti 3 gg con il supporto dell'hosting... panico!!!

1 star
Couldn't get it to work
By ,

Couldn't get this to work with my WPZOOOM theme.
It did provide the messages below but this is too concise for me to feel confident I might try and follow it without ending up in a mess.

FTP credentials don't allow to copy to file /home/sites/bloxham.info/public_html/broadsheet/wp-content/advanced-cache.php
Please execute commands manually
or use FTP form to allow W3 Total Cache make it automatically.

1 star
Think twice before paying for other services
By ,

I paid $250 for their theme optimization package about 3 weeks ago .. and still haven't heard anything. They aren't responsive via email or phone. I've asked for a refund .. to no avail. I hope mine is a one-off & other people have had good experiences.

1 star
Return to Sender
By , for WP 3.8

After living with this plug-in for 2 years through all the broken upgrades, bugs, and general frustrations, the conclusion is that I am returning it to sender. Why - for the last 3 years I have been blaming slowness on HostGator. I just finished upgrading to a VPS. Although the speed of my blog improved on the VPS, it was still on the order of 4 seconds. With the uncertainty of Hostgator gone, I decided to disable W3. Guess what - the speed improved to 2 seconds. WTF. Its clear that this plugin is either too bloated to compensate for any its puported improvements, or that is has some other big problem. I suggest that you try one of the alternative caching plug ins; when I did, my site speed improved to less than one second. And if you are paying the developer of this plugin for troubleshooting help, I suggest you request a refund for all the beta testing you are apparantly doing for him.

1 star
W3 Total Cache WARNING
By , for WP 3.8

W3 Total Cache is what I call SLOPPY SOFTWARE, when you deactivate it and then delete it you might reasonably expect it to be removed, but NO, all sorts of remenants are left on your site.

Why is this important?

Well if you want to be able to migrate your site here are some issues, deactivate W3 Total Cache and run backup plugin (leaving it on screws will any of them).

Migrate the site to a Dev subdomain and try to delete and re-install W3-total cache. FAIL - 404 error

So go have a look at your site with FTP and find loads of W3-total cache files left behind, so you rename them and try to upload W3-total cache again, FAIL. 404 error

Well you could try and upload the plugin manually but by this time I am so p'ed off that I am going to install WP Super Cache.

I have had W3-total cache break sites when wordpress updates in the past so I have never trusted it, this experience was on a client site.

What W3-total cache need to do is put in an uninstall routine that REALLY does uninstall all files and nukes all W3-total cache database tables when you uninstall.


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