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s2Member Framework (Member Roles, Capabilities, Membership, PayPal Members)

s2Member® — a powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress®. Protect members only content with roles/capabilities.


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4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
5 stars
Excellent Customer Support
By , for WP 3.8

My skills are not the best when it comes to coding but I can say that I'm working on it. Cristian took the time to help me on numerous occasions and even responded over the weekend. I can say that I couldn't be happier with the product and with the customer support given by these knowledgable folks.

Thanks again, Cristian...you are invaluable!


Kelli D

5 stars
A powerhouse of a solution
By , for WP 3.8.1

We've been using s2member for quite some time. This inexpensive plugin has paid for itself thousand times over.

It's an amazing piece of solid coding that can be taken as far as you want to go with it. Does require a learning curve, but whenever we've gotten stuck, support has been there to help us out.

Highly recommended.

5 stars
S2Member Pro Thought of EVERYTHING
By , for WP 3.8.1

S2 Member Pro is the "conductor" for the orchestra that is my website. Simple to install, I used a lot of time learning and organizing S2Member because it is a part of everything on my website. From organizing the pages on my website, to organizing my membership, to organizing my payment process. It even integrates with my affiliate program.

I have website experience, but I'm not a web pro. I was able to make this work for four reasons.
First, a totally solid design of S2 by the programmers.
Second, a remarkably logical and functional layout of all the capabilities tha tS2 offers.
Third, a huge video library and support forum that I use extensively.
And Fourth, for the four times I got stuck on a question - I got 5 star email support, timely, patient, personal, and knowledgeable.

The best plugin purchase I've ever made! Thanks S2

3 stars
By ,

complicado, is not easy

5 stars
Very Thorough
By , for WP 3.7.1

They've thought of just about everything! Used free and paid (Pro). I've paid more for less (Wishlist Member). Thanks for providing the free one and communicating differences between the 2. Allowed me to try things out in a big way. Love it!

1 star
destroyed my admin function
By ,

after I installed this, I could only log in with their log-in page, which did not know my password. I had to get them to send me a new one, but even after doing that and logging in through them, I could not get to the /wp-admin/ dashboard. I am out of luck until I can figure out how to uninstall it without the dashboard.

What a load of crap!

1 star
S2 and Authorize.net - our nightmare
By , for WP 3.7.1

Went to pro.

Got so many issues! Poor logging, impossible to debug.
The best way to use it - never touch it!

Highly unrecommended!

2 stars
Bad support
By ,

The support is very low and poor.

Juste one person to answer ???

5 stars
By , for WP 3.6.1

A little intimidating at first but very powerful plugin none the less.

5 stars
A unique combination of power and flexibility at a great value
By , for WP 3.6

I have compared the features of most of the main membership plugins on the market, I have tested those that could be tested, and I have chosen s2member because it has some unique advantages:
- I have some very specific requirements for my website, like the need to integrate with Amazon S3 to play protected videos or download protected files, to drip content, to include pay per post and teasers, to integrate seamlessly with a forum like bbpress, and to integrate with a list provider like Aweber or Mailchimp or to handle affiliates (through an optional add-on). Most of the other plugins can do some of this, but s2member was the only one that supported all the major features I needed, efficiently and gracefully.
- It has the best documentation I've seen for a membership plugin. Apart from the excellent help/documentation within the plugin itself which makes it super easy to get started, it offers a knowledge base, dozens of videos, FAQs, forums, and even documented source code for developers (even for the pro, paid for version!). It's simply the most extensive documentation I've seen and it makes it really easy to hit the ground running.
- It's the only major membership plugin which makes its source code available and fully documented. This means endless extensibility and complete peace of mind. If your business relies on it, you will never be left high and dry if things go wrong with the developers (not that we wish them anything bad, but you never know!).
- It's the only major membership plugin which offers a free version of the plugin which not only allows you to fully test if the plugin is right for you and meets your needs, but is probably enough for a majority of simple uses. Instead of a full money back warranty, you get a free, unlimited trial with a complete feature set. I love that philosophy and I applaud it.
- It's the only major membership plugin which offers a paid version with lifetime updates/upgrades (for a single one-off payment). Most of the others (if not all) ask for an annual renewal fee for updates/support, sometimes very substantial and rarely advertised upfront.
- Even better, that one-off payment is only a fraction of what most of the others ask for the first year, even if you get the developers license.
- Because of its open source roots, it is supported by a wide community of users and developers.
- It offers a lot of standard features (even in the free version), but also many ways to extend them and customise them.

Now is it perfect? No, but neither is any plugin.

There are a few areas which could be improved, like for example supporting Stripe as a payment method (hopefully it's on its way), or supporting Amazon SES to streamline the registration process and handle directly some simple email broadcasts.

But overall, the combination of power, flexibility and value offered by s2member (free and pro version) is simply unique. Yes it can still grow and extend its feature set, but if it does what you need (and the great thing about s2member is that you can test that without having to pay for it), then you can't go wrong with it.

It's solidly build, very well designed, its interface feels familiar yet is very powerful.

Finally I love the generosity of the developers who have decided to make such a gem available for free. Quite a stark contrast with some plugins which are either suddenly not supported anymore (what do you do if that happens and you have built your business around such a plugin?) or hold you in hostage with yearly fees once your website is built around their product and you are more or less a captive user.

All this made me want to pay for the Pro version to support them, even if I didn't really need the pro features right now and could happily just use the very powerful free version until my website grows and requires the upgrade. It's that good!

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