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PauPress - A CRM for WordPress

Supercharge your user profiles. Simple, powerful contact relationship management.

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4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4 stars
Lacks some features
By , for WP 3.9

I can say that this is a very promising plugin. I volunteer for a non-profit.

3 stars
Imposes Design Limitations and Unnecessary Functionality
By , for WP 3.8.1

I tested PauPress (including the Pro version) for use on a basic inbound marketing site and ended up using an alternative CRM plugin suite. PauPress is better suited for membership sites or simple storefronts where CRM features are needed, but it will not support traditional lead/demand generation where visitors get a link or download in exchange for a form they submit.

Leads tracked through PauPress forms become WordPress users whose profiles can be customized and accessed by customers/members on the front end. This is great if you need it but totally unnecessary if you don't want to use PauPress for a store or membership site.

The strongest and most unique feature in PauPress (compared to the alternatives) are the complex custom logical search filters you can build to drill down on your users/leads.

The worst thing about PauPress is that all forms must be displayed in a panel rolled out from the top or bottom of the page. The developer states (in early 2014) that normal form embedding in the page content will be possible soon, but until it is you cannot create a standard landing page.

The rollout panel is not a common interface design patterns for forms for a good reason: it is confusing, repetitive, and eventually annoying. You can end up having your visitors spending a lot of time pulling down the panel and interacting with it while it covers up your core content. The panels will also cause problems with themes using design elements like sticky menus.

Additionally, the PauPress styles for forms are non-standard and not very well designed; they will override your theme styles, and there is no support built into the backend for shutting them down in favor of alternative styling. I didn't see documentation on this either.

The backend interface for PauPress takes over the normal WordPress user manager and adds several menu items with several pages of tabs. The organization is not terribly intuitive, but it's passable.

In sum, I would say this is the second best CRM option in the plugin repository now, but it is built toward a niche use-case: sites that need a good, basic CRM tool with ecommerce capabilities. It will be substantially improved once the mandatory dropdown panel is retired or made optional.

5 stars
Better than WP-CRM
By , for WP 3.7.1

Better than WP-CRM by a long shot since it introduces better field types and way more advanced filtering.

Has a few bugs though, nothing major from what I've seen. It's definitely slow though and is using AJAX unnecessarily.

Here's what I'd like to see changed:
- The AJAX saving still reloads the page and it isn't consistent with the WordPress UI.
- There is no "quick search" so I have to choose a filter option and then type in the users name to locate them quickly.
- I expected the first page to list all users with the ability to browse, instead it's empty.
- When creating a form to display on the front end I expected to see all of the custom fields I created in the drop down that I select when creating a custom front end form. However, they didn't appear there. I asked the author and he said that I have to select the "Reports" option beside the field when I'm creating it. In my opinion, this should be checked by default. I create different types of forms all the time for different customers and I can't think of many cases where I wouldn't want to see those in the drop down.
- After selecting "Add a Field" multiple times, then attempting to expand any of the added fields; it expands the first field, always, instead of the selected field.
- And selecting "Add a Field" it takes 3-10 seconds for the field to appear. Tested on multiple sites on different servers hosted by Media Temple and Site5. As a user I'm expecting a loading symbol and instant adding of the field.
- After selecting "Add a Field", and the user attempts to move that field into a Section; upon selecting "Save Your Options" it disappears.
- Upon selecting "Save Your Options" the light box effect overlays the screen and informs the user is saving and that the save completed but then it proceeds to reload the page. If the data is going to be saved via an AJAX request, like that, then why is it reloading the page? I understand it's because there's not, currently, a way for those fields to be repositioned and updated to display correctly, but my point is that this AJAX request could be completed with a normal PHP Post action, reduce the load/save time and not disorient the user with an additional overlay that is unexpected as a WordPress user.
- Since the save button is at the bottom I constantly have to scroll down, it would be nice if it was fixed bottom right, or at least duplicated to the top right of the page. Better than that would be auto saving every time I add a field!
- I spent a lot of time manually entering a value for "Key" when I expect it to auto-populate based on whatever I enter into "Label", then allow me to change it if I desire.

OLD: And the forms and filtering don't appear to support the custom fields I create. I can't get a reply from support on this to find out if it's by design or a bug though. Would definitely give it 5 stars if it's just a bug and support gets back to me.

UPDATE: The author replied and said that you have to select the "Reports" option beside the field on the Manage Fields section in order for it to display in the drop down on the Forms page.

5 stars
Outstanding Product and Support
By , for WP 3.7

I can't say enough about the quality of this plugin (it's really complete) and the incredible level of service I've received (just outstanding).

If you're looking to manage users and members but need more - custom fields, complex queries (that include those custom fields), mass mailings, and advanced user editing, this is the right plugin.

I spent a lot of time testing equivalent plugins and settled on PauPress for the features that it offers - but once I got talking with one of the developers, I realized I'd come upon a real find. I got surprisingly fast service, patient hand-holding through questions, custom snippets of code, and even follow up to see how things went.

Give it a shot - you won't be sorry.

5 stars
Un-beatable customer support- Absolutely Great
By , for WP 3.7

Paupress has exceeded my expectations without a doubt. I was looking for something that was user-friendly and not over-kill for a friends non-profit charity club to be able to manage, store, and manipulate user data for public/private viewing purposes...

Other requirements were as such:

  • 1. Simple, sleek, and easy registration solution for members
    2. Pull reports of user data and edit users on-the-go for the club
    3. Ability to show members
    4. Custom Member Data Fields, with ability for members to edit their data in custom module.
    5. Contact form that is similar to rest of user interface.
  • Needless to say I'm ecstatic about finally finding a plugin that not only preforms without all the bloat, but also has the ultimate support from its creator.. To sum up the interactions:

    Wanted to add additional fields to the member directory to display more member profile fields on the main-directory listing.
    So then I submitted online support request

    Within a couple of hours Frank responded with a request for more detailed information on what I was looking to do.

    I responded back with the request for the layout adjustments / additional fields.

    Frank responded with a detailed breakdown of all requests made . . . excerpt from his reply in the conversation...

    As for styling the user information output by the search index – right now there isn’t a way to change that but if you want, we can insert a wordpress filter there to give you PHP access to change that however you’d like. We’ve been working on a UI to customize both that and the public profile fields (as mentioned before) so, the PHP route will definitely be faster if you’re comfortable with wordpress development. if not, it’s quite easy to learn and I can help you with some code snippets.....

    Made some temporary on the site in CSS edits to show Frank what I was looking to do...

    He responded..again...same day, no more than 4 hours after each response without a status update..

    took a look at the site and it looks like your customizations are concentrated on the member directory – correct? So, if I understand things correctly, it sounds like what you absolutely need to do is edit the front-end user directory HTML so that you can better display the information immediately around the user’s profile picture and name?

    If you could, please reply back to confirm or clarify and then we’ll cook up a filter and send you instructions on how to edit the plugin safely along with a PHP snippet that you can tinker with to get things exactly the way you want. One way or another, we’ll make sure you’re all set by your deadline....

    I recieve all the custom files with detailed instructions on how to complete what I wanted to accomplish..

    Attempted to make some of the changes but got stumped by inadequate php experience... Replied to Frank and told him what I've done..

    Frank replied and voiced his concerns about some of the coding conflicts that could occur in future updates, he then sent back a updated custom file which showed the changes he made and how to complete each addition and broke the explanations down even further....

    To wrap everything up, I sent Frank a followup email thanking him and telling him that I don't mind adding "2" characters to my php file that I couldn't figure out a work around to...

    30 minutes or so go by and this was his reply...

    hey Ronnie!

    nice work – I like it and congrats on coding your first WordPress filter!

    regarding your code edits to paupress-reports.php, my job is to make it so you don't have to do this on a regular basis! :) so, let me make one more adjustment that will let you override the script via your theme. for now it's fine but I'll send you an update and sample code to make this a permanent change ahead of the next release.

    sound ok? because, really, it's a pain to have to go in every time and update custom code. i'd rather make it easier on you. :)

    I highly recommend Paupress/Paupress Pro to anyone who is looking for the features it offers.. You cannot be the level of support they provide..


    5 stars
    Currently the best CRM for WordPress
    By , for WP 3.6.1

    Ok, PauPress 1.0.9 probably deserves 4 stars due to its lack of some features you'd expect from a full-fledged CRM. It's still a relatively new plugin.

    That said, it is currently the best CRM integrated in WordPress I found - I think I tried them all in the past two weeks. More features and more actively developed. And their support is stellar, they genuinely make an effort to help users.

    I ended up buying the Pro version. For 45$ for 1 year of updates with their Pro features (the Pro version will continue to work even if you don't pay for another year). It appears to be well worth.

    5 stars
    Does the job!
    By , for WP 3.6

    I was looking for a better way to manage my contacts and users, been fiddeling with spreadsheets and the hassel of managing all changes and the trouble of sending bul emails. So far after a few days of tweaking and testing PauPress seems to do the job very well. Easy to understand how it works and easy implementation. Have not tried the import function yet.

    So a clear five star rating so far!

    5 stars
    The best Management
    By , for WP 3.5.1

    Excellent plugin for modernizing the management of your site.
    Ciao from Italy

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