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NextGEN Gallery

The most popular WordPress gallery plugin and one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 10 million downloads.

30 reviews
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3 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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2 stars
Gave up after almost a full day of this
By , for WP 3.9.1

Looks easy, but it isn't bc it doesn't do what you freaking set it to do doesn't take hold. Plus, it's nowhere near user friendly. There's more than one place to change the size of the thumbnails, for instance, and you can't tell which it's using. So you set the all the same. Doesn't do you any good bc when you DO change the size -- in multiple places -- you still have to go to settings again and select the gallery you've painstakingly set up and do a bulk action remake the thumbnails on it, wait for that, THEN clear your cache and then load the page. Nope, changes aren't there. I did this like 50 times. I thought well maybe I've sized these thumbnails too big, mathematically, and put them back at the default numbers. (Once I did get something to change - never could get it to go back to where it was. This is my complaint. It will NOT display 4 columns for me, for instance, will not change the thumbnail sizes, bigger or smaller, etc. SIGH. SO frustrating. The built-in gallery from WP has HUGE captions, which I hate. I like how NextGEN's captions don't show under the thumbnails, but show when you click an image. I GIVE UP.

2 stars
huge memory hog
By , for WP 3.9.1

since the big 2.0 upgrade it has been a massive memory hog. Looking for alternatives, sadly NextGen Gallery is just not a good plugin anymore.

2 stars
Needs a lot of work
By , for WP 3.9.1

Unfortunately it's very hard to find a decent free gallery plugin, but i ended up using this one so i guess that says something about it.

I had to switch from PhotoSmash because it stopped working with the latest software my hosting company uses on their servers, and they stopped development on it over 2 years ago.
I mention this because i wanted to reuse those images already on my website, unfortunately Nextgen doesn't give you the option to use it, you can only upload files, so i had to re-upload 30 images, thankfully they can be batch uploaded. But i have another site to fix which has about 200 images, not looking forward to that.

It needs a lot of work, for example in the basic thumbnail view, for some odd reason, the number of photos in a gallery (album) is shown far below the title and so close to the next gallery that you think it belongs to it.

Even their own demo shows it like that so it must be on purpose, why i can never understand.

Fortunately there is a fairly easy way to add custom CSS so to fix that i added:
.ngg-album-compact h4 .ngg-album-desc {height: 20px;}

I only used 5 albums in 1 row, for more rows i suppose that would need more modifications.
I would have liked to see an option to remove those completely.

Menu's are awkwardly made and unnecessarily complicated, for ex. if you make any changes in any but the first "drop-down" menu and save, it reloads the page and takes you back to the first drop-down menu, not where you where, which is quite annoying when trying to get the gallery thumbnail sizes just right, specially because it would load the album thumbnail sizes instead (because it's the 1st dropdown menu)

Putting multiple types of galleries on one page seems to brake everything, the carousel type seemed to not even work at all, but then it did, but clicking on any other image in the carousel actually reloads the whole page and it looks pretty bad too. They don't even demo it on their site, i wonder why.

I'm not surprised %50 of people say it's broken. I really don't know how 10 million people are happy with this.

2 stars
Unstable and unpredictable with each update
By , for WP 3.9.1

It works fine… only when it works. Each 'new version' notice will give you chills, because you'll never know if this plugin will actually work after the update or will it display a gallery of error messages instead of images.
Use it in conjunction with a good backup plugin in case things go south.

2 stars
By ,

Creo que necesita una importante actualización.
Es un plugin ya bastante antiguo


2 stars
Never Understood Why This Was So Popular
By , for WP 3.9.1

I think the nine million downloads brag stems from the fact this is one of the oldest gallery plugins for WP and for many years there were no rival plugins that came close to doing what Nextgen could. I've only been using WordPress for six years but I installed NextGen all those years ago and never got it. I found it quite counter-intuitive, despite spending many hours with it. That said, Alex Rabe put a lot of time and effort into creating and developing NextGen and credit where credit's due, he did a valiant effort.

Since that time Nextgen has been superseded by better gallery plugins, whilst WP's legacy image upload system has improved massively too. I suspect that the high number of downloads now are based upon old WP user guides that tell the newbie how every WP user must have NextGen installed. I could be wrong, however I do feel a little uncomfortable with the fact Photocrati appears to be riding on the coat tails of the efforts Alex Rabe put into this plugin. I'm not sure why the developers feel it has to be branded as "NextGen Gallery By Photocrati". When I last tried to use it last year it was a complete mess. Perhaps I should give it another go...

Still, I'm a photographer and my photography website does not use NextGen. It may be the most downloaded gallery plugin, but its a long way from being the most intuitive.

2 stars
By , for WP 3.8.1

I was trying to figure out why my site was taking so long to load and it's because of this plugin. When analyzing the network traffic on my site I noticed that there is a dynamic css file (fontawesome) getting loaded on every page regardless of whether or not a Nextgen gallery actually appears on the page. Because the file is dynamically generated it can't be cached so every page view costs at least 2 extra seconds...just for one completely unnecessary file. I haven't found a way to deactivate the fontawesome "feature" so I must now look elsewhere for a tidier, smaller photo gallery plugin.

2 stars
too slow
By , for WP 3.8.1

Seems an excellant plugin but 1 problem, slowwww!
I have a multisite and my network is 3 times slower with this plugin installed.

2 stars
Free version is functional but ugly by today's standards.
By , for WP 3.8.1

Simply put, the free version has fallen behind to competitors. Using the gallery view or the standard thumbnail view were both disappointing. The gallery view had very ugly navigation buttons (next, previous) and did not give me the option to display the picture name anywhere. The thumbnail with caption view which has a preview image that clearly shows a title below the image, does not actually do so when you try it. There is no option to enable plus the thumbnail white box around each picture was just plain ugly and I had no option to change it. Again, it works but it is not very good. Try a modern alternative.

2 stars
version 2.x is totally unfinished
By , for WP 3.8.1

I am not happy to say that but the newest version of this plugin is very (and that means really "very") buggy. The admin settings is complex but very unintuitive. The official pages are very outdated and are structured very badly.

But overall the basic functionality is working (creating a gallery or a album and adding photos to it). If your client is ok with the administration available only in English you can give this plugin a try.

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