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WordPress Landing Pages

Create landing pages for your WordPress site. Monitor and improve conversion rates, run A/B split tests, customize your own templates and more.


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Want to like it - but just not ready
By ,

I really wanted to like this plugin. The design has a lot of promise. Unfortunately it is hobbled by some troublesome free template implementations that made me have to spend time on alternatives and wonder if it will reach its potential.

For International sites - the count down template doesn't recognize international date standards so if your site isn't set on a US time zone - that feature of a template (which was a must have for us) won't work. When you see things like that - you begin to wonder.

If you need to use shortcodes (as we tried to get around the above problem with some count down plugins) - support is spotty at best. Some editor fields accept them, some don't, and some just give erratic results - in the same template and support varies from template to template.

Some templates will allow you to turn off their embedded social icons and some won't. Frankly - if the templates fully supported other plugins - those social icons just wouldn't be necessary.

There are a number of other small issues - but we reached the point that the issues that kept turning up led us to have to consider alternatives. We came to the conclusion that right now the templates are not well tested and curated.

2 stars
Landing Pages is not ready for prime time
By , for WP 3.6.1

very difficult to edit text and have your edits persist after updating unless using the Launch Visual Editor from within the plugin. Please update user instructions to let everyone know this. Very little flexibility on formatting text and images, could be my choice of landing page is the problem. DEAL KILLER: the plugin would NOT serve up the B pages of my A/B tests I setup (it took hours thanks to the crappy text editing tools and the fact that edits do not persist but keep getting changed back by the style sheet or something who knows what). No A/B testing means the plugin doesn't work. I am running bulletproof security as well as other plugins and disabled them to no effect. besides, who wants to run a plugin that requires you to use ONLY THAT plugin? Great concept guys, great formatting for the dashboard, but the actual experience is extremely disappointing. I would pay for this plugin if it worked; now you have wasted a ton of my time and the nicest thing I can say is "back to the drawing board", you just ain't ready for prime time yet.

3 stars
Many functions missing or I did not found them
By ,

How can landing page plugin does not include double-optin ?
I wish I had a minimum of samples for form including mandatory text fields; "I agree" field, radio...
The idea is good ; the plugin may (and will ?) be improved !
I should pay for a flexible system providing option to get different formats of forms not only vertical fields one under the other.

4 stars
One of the most valuable set of WP marketing tools
By ,

Congrats Guys, you definitely came up with a winner combo with LP + CTA + Leads!

The last one thing that would make it more awesome: adding an "after-clicking" option on the submit button of the Landing Pages Plugin.
Right now, if I could be proposed some options like "redirect to specific URL" or "display pop up CTA" once user submits the form, it would be just perfect!

Let's hope you'll implement that option in a near future.
Anyways, keep on doing such a great job!


5 stars
Fatal Error Fixed
By , for WP 3.6.1

Hi, I'm excited about this plugin, but activating it provides the following message:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/benjammin9/www/thegameprodigy/wp-content/plugins/landing-pages/functions/functions.global.php on line 1

Please let me know when it's fixed and I'd love to try it out!

UPDATE: I got a personal email from David and he helped me fix my problem. Thanks!

5 stars
Magnificent plugin with excellent support
By , for WP 3.6.1

I have used WordPress Landing Pages and WordPress Leads plugins for some time now. Must say they have been very positive surprises. For a business owner these plugins offer features you need, when you like to automate leads capture and management. On the other hand, I have had technical issues twice, but both times I have received prompt support.

2 stars
Doesn't allow you me to use the landing page as my homepage
By , for WP 3.6.1

What is the point of this plugin if I can't use the landing page as my homepage. This feature should be built into the same plugin. The two plugins you suggested that fix this don't work. I will update my star rating when this is fixed.

1 star
Leads plugin broke my site
By , for WP 3.6.1

I downloaded wordpress langing pages and activated it from inside wordpress. It then told me I had a required plugin to install called leads. As soon as I activated it, my site went blank. I deleted the folder from my plugins folder using filezilla and my site came back.

I'm using a multisite, so maybe that's the problem.

This plugin works fine if you don't download and activate the leads plugin.

1 star
Doesn't work
By ,

crashes upon installation. i would love to use this plugin if you get it working.

3 stars
Does not work with Canvas
By ,

It seems like a great plugin but i have tried many times and looks like it is just not compatable the woo themes canvas

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