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Infusionsoft Gravity Forms Add-on

Integrate the remarkable Gravity Forms plugin with Infusionsoft.

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4 stars
Does exactly what it's designed to do, and does it well
By , for WP 3.8.1

From reading reviews and comments, it seems there is some confusion about what THIS plugin does. It does NOT create forms (the GravityForms plugin does that), THIS is simply an add-on 'bridge' to send the DATA from the forms you create using GravityForms into your Infusionsoft account so that you can manage those contacts in Infusionsoft.

It does that spectacularly well, and offers some nice features such as adding Tags used by Infusionsoft as it sends the data over, so that you can use those Tags to trigger automated sequences (such as follow-up emails, etc).

It's very simple to setup with your Infusionsoft API key and account subdomain (and even shows you how to find that info if you don't know it). It's very simple to create a "feed" from each of your forms into your Infusionsoft account.

Something that isn't very clear is that if you have fields in your form that are not your typical contact fields, you must FIRST create those "custom" fields in your Infusionsoft contact record setup so that you can THEN map them from your form to those fields as you create your form's "feed".

This would get a 5-star rating from me if the developers would add (as a future version feature request) the option to feed directly into an Infustionsoft-created Form, so that actions that require a Form Submission in Infusionsoft as a trigger can be used - for example to keep consistency in an HTTP Post from Infusionsoft to an external database, or for lengthy chained sequences that use the form-submission-to-landing page sequence.

BUT all-in-all this is a truly great plugin if you just need to send your GravityForms-submitted contacts/data to your Infusionsoft account.

4 stars
Fantastic Plugin!
By , for WP 3.7.1

Once you understand that these forms use TAGS to add people to campaigns and not Infusionsoft forms, it is pretty straight forward.

This makes the task of integrating Infusionsoft very easy indeed. I really appreciate the author writing this great plugin.

If it is possible to enable information to be brought from Infusionsoft into the form that would be even better. An example of this would be, if I would like a form to have a drop down list of information, for example lead source, that it can create the list from the information in Infusionsoft rather than me having to maintain two identical lists. - This would mkae it 5 stars for me.

4 stars
By , for WP 3.5.1

Would give 5 stars if the documentation was more clear that one must have an email field in the gravity form linked to the email field from Infusion Soft.

Also - Note, if you are using the *SUPER AWESOME* and useful Conditionally add tags then be careful if you are using a Product Field as the basis for creating your conditions.

Product Fields are not like normal fields -- so I don't blame the plugin..

Also note - using a Product Field does not send any purchase info / add product etc to the contact record, but if you just need a simple order form, and were going to use Tags to figure out who bought what then you have to do this work-around.

Create a normal drop down / radio button field.

Then, create one Product field for each selection you have, and in the FORM EDITOR, use the CONDITIONAL LOGIC to show the product field when the corresponding selection is made in the normal dropdown field.

If you don't want to show the product field - use CSS to left indent the field off the page: .fakehide {text-indent: -9999px} -- then in the advanced tab, put "fakehide" as the CSS class.

You can see a working example if you check out http://thingerdo.com/daily-thing

then select I want to hire a robot to show the Robot Selection radio buttons.

In the labels I show NagBot - $1/Day -- this is not an actual product field -- it just causes a product field which is set to $10, with quantity disabled to be "displayed" - but then the CSS left indents that field off the page, so all you see is the Total.

Seems obvious - but if you don't at least select the email field, this will not send info into Infusionsoft:

To put this another way for anyone else who is scouring forums on keyword like Gravity Form InfusionSoft not working.

When you create your New InfusionSoft Feed in the Gravity Forms --> Infusionsoft settings.

This is where you map the gravity forms to the Infusionsoft fields....

you *must* set at least the email field on the left to the infusionsoft email field on the right. like this:


Otherwise how is Infusionsoft supposed to find the record you're trying to update?

And if you make a new record, you'll want the email anyway right?

So don't forget to set the email field.

A handy update to the plugin would be to automatically grab the email of a logged in user, or make that an option one can turn on.

That way, it can easily grab the registered user's email in the background.

Now. FINALLY I think I have a solution for what I need to do. PHEW. Thank you Infusionsoft Gravity add On.

Infusionsoft, WordPress Gravity, WOW indeed.

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