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GeoDirectory - Ultimate Business Directory

A superior and extendible Directory plugin to create beautiful location based business directories like Yelp, Tripadvisor or Yellow pages.

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5 stars
Perfect for my need
By , for WP 3.9.1


5 stars
Absolutely outstanding!
By , for WP 3.9.1

First, from my own experience and following others, the developers of GeoDirectory go out of their way to support their customers. They are truly passionate about making this product the best directory plugin/theme.

As a brand new product, I expected--and did encounter--a couple theme-related hiccups. However, the developers always answered my questions quickly and the issues were resolved.

I have used many free and paid software through the years but I can't say I have always received the same level of outstanding support as I have here.

5 stars
Absolutely the best directory plugin available
By , for WP 3.9.1

I have tried virtually all the directory plugins available for WordPress and nothing comes close to this.
It has more features than any of the others, has a fantastic support team and is very easy to set up and use.
It has a very clean templating system and loads of hooks & filters for developers to use, so it's easy to modify to your requirements.
Out-of-the-box it works well with none of the headaches i got from other directory plugins.
If you're looking for a fully featured directory plugin that has the ability to cope with a large national/worldwide database, i believe this is the only plugin you should consider.

1 star
led on... and on
By ,

This isn't a comment about the software... although I wasn't happy about how it worked...

What I was counting on... and waiting for was the LONG promised 'update' (now apparently this plug-in)!!!

If you look at the comments on they're site, you clearly see MANY people asking about the update... and repeatedly being told that it was coming soon... and mentioning that new users would eligible for the update for 6 months.

I regret that I was misled... essentially contributing to the development, while getting NOTHING in return!!
The lack of documentation forces having to contact the developer (hand maintaining ongoing support.)

The LEAST the developer could have done... would've been to upgrade all of us!!! All his bad mouthing that has been done toward other developers... and the obvious focus of this developer is selling SUPPORT CONTRACTS! Based on this historic lack of integrity, I have little doubt that updates and features will be released slowly, so as to force contract renewal.

Unfortunate feelings to have, considering how hopeful I was for the product!!!!

3 stars
Needs better theme support
By , for WP 3.9.1

This plugin looked like just what I needed until I read a support thread that was started 2 Months ago regarding problems with popular themes such as Avada.

Since Avada is my main theme I use for most of my sites, i was disappointed. It looks like after two Months the plugin is still not completely compatible with Avada and even other popular themes.

Hope they develop this into a plugin that is compatible with most themes, but not holding my breath based off of the last couple Months.

Still, this plugin looks promising for the future!

5 stars
Really Weird Experience!! SCAMMERS !!!
By , for WP 3.9.1

Although my experience with GeoDirectory was not what I expected in terms of speed in the delivery of the goods, I also understand that sometimes there are technical problems or glitches on websites which can lead to delays.

Delays can lead to frustration and given how frequent consumers are scammed these days a even more when you have already paid for something and you don't get it immediately, as a result you can become concerned and worried about losing your money.

I would like to retract my statesman of calling the people from GeoDirectory scammers. I rushed to conclusions. I would like apologize for that.

In fairness I would like to point out that that I bought GeoTheme previously and the transaction went smoothly and I never experienced any wrong doing from them.

In terms of the quality and functionality of the GeoTheme and GeoDirectory they are indeed excellent products. At not point I have questioned their quality. Nowadays both products offer the best solution for web directories.

I tried to delete and edit my previous comment but unfortunately WordPress doesn't allow it. I also contacted the moderator but they refused to delete it.

Please disregard my previous post.

3 stars
Has Potential.
By , for WP 3.9.1

First, let me start by saying that I emailed the developer and received a fast response for a couple pre-sales questions from Paolo. If they answer after purchase support questions just as fast then they get a high 5 for that! Especially considering this was on a saturday night!

At my first reading of the feature listing at their website I was pretty impressed. And I can see the really great potential for this fine plugin.

However, after spending a some time with the demo site on their server, I resigned to the fact that I believe this plugin has a ways to go before I could give it a high number of Stars.

Here is the list of things that made me take away stars from my review:

1... On my Android phone the login/register screen had major display problems. It bunched both blocks (Login and register) into a skinny unreadable display. (About 1/2 inch wide with the input fields so tiny I could not even tell what they were. Not sure what is going on here but also tried with my wifes Larger LG android phone and got the same result.

2... The map on my mobile device did not allow to scroll below the map. Instead, it simply just moved the map around. Since the map took up the entire screen, there was no way to scroll the thing below the map. A little irritating to say the least.

3... I expected to see an easy search feature where a user could do a proximity search from the users current location to find nearest locations right on the main search page. For example: Search from my current location within 5,10,20,30,40,50 miles. I found an extended search area that appears to offer this. However, I am not sure if this is actually from the users CURRENT position (Say while driving in a car) or if it using a default position last stored from the user. I really would like to see the proximity options in a pull down along with the main search (i.e. "All, 10 miles, 20 miles... etc) rather than placed in another section.

4... After doing a search, the listings do not show number of miles from my current position. This has become a pretty standard thing on many other google map sites that give listings and something I really expected. The ability to change the current sort on the displayed listings to miles away from my current location is something that I expected to find.

5... A Possible Problem? : After trying the proximity search, the listing showed nothing listed. I expected this since I am in Colorado and there was nothing in their demo database within 10 miles. However, I was unable to search any longer without the proximity and everything I tried kept showing nothing found. The main screen map showed nothing found without the map showing. I could not find anywhere a reset button to get back the main map with search results without the last proximity settings. The only way I could get rid of the problem was to delete my cookies. On my mobile phone was the same result!

6... Another Possible Problem? Not sure if I just don't have enough step-by-step docs to figure this out (could not find any good documentation available) but when I tried to add my first Place I kept receiving errors using the Place Information section. I typed in my address, entered my zip code and received an error popup that said "Please choose any address of the () city only". Then it would insert text into the address field of "Cannot determine address at this location." - So I tried other addresses with the same exact problem. Just to double check, I tried a free WP geo plugin and it accepted my addresses just fine. Not sure what is wrong here!

7... I was unable to find a "Get Directions" button anywhere on a detail listing. Something that most map sites using google API have and hard to believe that this was forgotten. Or perhaps it is just turned off in the demo for some reason?

My wish list for this plugin:

... A "Follow" feature. Allowing users to follow a business listing with the listings having the ability to send out notifications to their followers. Special announcements, etc... Ideally, having this feature would allow users to opt into receiving notifications via email OR just viewing on a following list of notifications when on the site.

... A "Deals" feature. These “Deals” would announce to those following their listings that they are offering a deal (at their establishment). Example: “Announcing 10% off everything on Tuesday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM.” Those who are followers of the business would receive this “Deal” announcement via email (If they elected to allow).

The "Deals" that I am talking about here could be pretty easy to implement using the Events plugin they already have with a little tweeking. However, as mentioned above, without the ability to tie in sending notifications to followers then this is only something to dream about without doing your own coding. To me, a Deal is an Event!

... The "Events" plugin should in my opinion also have the ability to auto notify followers of the newly announced event. This also shows the importance of a "Follow" feature.

... Would really like to see easy ways to build the detail pages with customization such as using blocks. (Dragable for the main detail page and sidebar) Having an easy way to add html along with custom php would be perfect for these blocks and being able to add shortcodes from other plugins would be awesome for great customization.

I hope that someday soon I will see this evolve into a something I can actually give more stars to. It sounds like the developers are pretty serious about going forward with this so I am sure that I will return someday with more positive comments!

FINAL COMMENTS: By NO means does the current state of the plugin or my comments above mean that it would not meet your needs. Like any plugins, they are never going to be perfect for every use case and will usually require more development to get the functionality each person actually needs.

5 stars
Don't Waste Your Time
By , for WP 3.9.1

Spent hours building a site to only find out that I have to spend 45 dollars to allow members to add their location. You have to add a 'Default' location and members have to live in that location only.

1 star
GeoDirectory is broken -- avoid!!!
By , for WP 3.9.1

I have had several unfortunate "episodes" with the GeoTheme people.

The last of which was on Friday, June 20th, 2014, when I updated my copy of GeoDirectory, the free "Ultimate Business Directory" plugin.

GeoDirectory not only crashed my web site, but it completely removed my SQL database. I had to reinstall a version from the day before, which was, unfortunately, not a complete one.

I wrote to the "manufacturer" right away, after my host (BlueHost) let me know what had happened. They said they'd never seen a plug-in do so much damage.

And this, after six years of being a reseller (now on BlueHost) myself.

I have yet to hear from GeoTheme "executives," but I have a feeling it will go not so well, as have my other troubles with them. I even bought their $350 GeoTheme package six months ago, but had so much trouble configuring it (and had no way of improving the messy and unprofessional customer "directory claims" feature), that I've now abandoned it in favor of making my own solution with my own developer team.


5 stars
GeoDirectory Plugin is a Masterpiece!
By , for WP 3.9.1

I have used many directory themes and software including some of the expensive ones but GeoDirectory provides you more flexibility and really cool features for the cheapest price possible.

If you're planning to build an online directory, GD should be number one on your list.

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