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ClickDesk Live Support - Live Chat - Help Desk Plugin for Websites

ClickDesk is a value combo of best wordpress live chat, help desk, voice chat and social toolbar for your website. Install it Free today!

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gelen yazıları okumak için premium istiyor

1 star
Poor support - Screwed up billing
By , for WP 3.8.1

Clickdesk chat could be a great service but there back end and support sucks.
They don't offer PayPal for the Light version on monthly payment!!!

It happened that there was a problem with my Credit card when billing as due on 18 Jan. they immediately suspended the service and the chat no longer worked, also cannot login to admin back end to change settings, except for change the credit card. Then 10 days later on 27th of Jan they tried again and billed my CC. For the period 18 Jan - 27 Jan i was not able to use the service at all.
So since they charged me on 27 Jan i assumed next charge will be on 27 Feb. but no, today on the 18th of Feb again they charge me, but i did not have funds in the card because i was expecting the charge only on the 27th.

Why you want me to pay for the 10 days 18 - 27 Jan you suspended the service.

Chat support is useless and don't have any authority or power to take any action.

No flexibility;ity and they will rather loose a customer that has been paying for months and probably will longer, than solve the matter.

A ticket was opened : Ticket Number : 363666349

Really dont recomend this service to anyone.

5 stars
Amazing for me and my company
By , for WP 3.8.1

Clickdesk is one of the best livechat widgets that I have ever installed. I have an online wedding boutique, so there are a lot of questions that buyers have. I think by having the livechat widget, it makes it easier for my customers to stay in contact with me. If they have a question they can ask it right away and get a quick response. It was super easy to install and it was good to use Dashboard. Livechat, Voice and helpdesk was all in $9.9. It was a great price to get everything that my company needs. I have previously used Livechat Inc and it was not as good. Clickdesk was a lot better for small and medium businesses. It also works seamlessly with Skype and Gtalk. The latest improvements have just been mind blowing. I am so happy that I made the switch!

1 star
By ,

you need to register an account to their service. there are many other plugins which allow you to use free live chat simply installing them in your wp site.

1 star
mobile view does not work on free version
By , for WP 3.7.1

Good concept and looks good on website, but does not support mobile view.

4 stars
An excellent Dashboard!
By , for WP 3.7

One of the easiest live chat plugins to install and use that I have seen in years. For just under 10 bucks you get live chat, voice and even a helpdesk! That's a damn good bargain! Yes, having the monthly plan helps but still very reasonable. What I like the best is that it works seamlessly with Skype (which I use every day) and Gtalk too. Also, they have made some great improvements since I've gotten it that have made it even better! I've compared this plugin to others and believe me, as a small business owner, it is definitely worth the money. Great stuff and highly recommended! I'm not sure what others are complaining about. For me this is working like a charm!

5 stars
Best Chat System
By , for WP 3.6.1

ClickDesk - Expensive, but the only live support system that I've found that will work with Google Talk
One of the best live chat systems out there - if you can afford the fees.

Setup this system for a client who's very happy with it. Get's plenty of leads, so it's worth his money.

Wasn't impressed with the support response to the Java errrors after WP3.5 - and it took the ages to update the plugin. Only way to fix the thing was backdate to WP3.4.2 - Looks like brightonseo and others had a similar experience - time frame was WP3.5

5 stars
Fantastic plugin! Highly recommend!
By , for WP 3.6.1

This plugin is awesome! Super easy to install. I get live chat, voice and helpdesk support all for $9.99/mo - which I feel is extremely reasonable!

I have used Olark in the past and this is much better for small to medium sized businesses!

1 star
Don't bother its useless unless you want to give up $14/mo
By , for WP 3.5.2

I'm sure this works great if you have a paid account, but from my experience unless you cough up $14/mo for this is a useless plugin! Wasted my time. Should have listened to the other bad reviews on here.

If you want any of the features that you'll WANT and NEED, and do not have the money to pay (more than hosting actually) then move on because this plugin is not for you.

Their website is also misleading because if you click on pricing it won't say anything about if the free account gets skype access, which was the only reason I signed up. Once I signed up and tried to add skype is said" you must have a paid account for this feature" and their chat person was quick to point out the fact that they have a SEPARATE page which did not seem to be viewable through their menu of the comparrison... so you might want to check out just how little you'll actually get before signing up.

I'm all about buying paid for plugins, but this should not even be listed in the free plugins on wordpress.org in my opionion. It adds no functionality to wordpress, and only links your WP dashboard to your user account on clickdesk.com and PLUGIN IS NOT NEEDED to use the program on your website as you still have to add code to your pages for it to work, which, if this was a good plugin, would be a feature that you would not have to do if these people had the brains to use API functionality.

A plugin that adds no functionality is just adding more scripts and ways you can break your site. But I guess if people are too lazy to go login to their accounts at clickdesk.com then I suppose it would be a solution, but I will not be using this plugin at all even if I do upgrade my useless free account because I don't need extra scripts on the back end of the site that may potentially open up more opportunities to get hacked or break the site when using other plugins.


Not even worth a 1 star....

1 star
Read the reviews before downloading/installing
By , for WP 3.5.1

Total 1 hour time waste. Installed this plugin, registered on their site after 2-3 attempts, did setup & on every other step you will see no required features are there in free version. After setup tried to do calling, FAILED!!!

Removed this plugin immediately. Would never recommend this plugin to anybody.

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