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Amazon Link

This plugin enables you to put Amazon product links, images and bespoke templates into your site's Pages, Posts, Widgets and Templates.

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4 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
5 stars
Great Plugin
By , for WP 3.9.1

I strongly recommend this plugin it works perfectly :)

5 stars
Exactly what I was looking for...
By , for WP 3.9.1

I was wondering how to manage loads of identical pages where the only difference was the affiliate links for each country... I wasn't looking forward to it, to be honest. Then I found this... amazing. Very, very clever. The spoof locale feature is brilliant and really quick used as "?spoof_locale=blah" on the URL.

5 stars
Totally awesome!
By , for WP 3.9.1

This is an incredible plugin from an even incredible author! Are you an amazon affiliate and need the right plugin for selling the products? Here is the plugin you need!
I must say that the plugin author, Paul is incredibly helpful and receptive to feature suggestions. You won't get such support for even a paid plugin, trust me. Kudos to Paul for releasing this plugin for free!
Thanks a lot!

5 stars
Amazing !!
By , for WP 3.9.1

Great job, great support.. AMAZING PLUGIN !!!

5 stars
Amazing Plugin
By , for WP 3.8.3

Does exactly what it should do, easy to implement and use. Plus support for the plugin is just excellent.


5 stars
By far the best amazon affiliate link generator
By , for WP 3.9

I've tried countless amazon affiliate link generators (including paid options) and this blows them all out of the water. Plus this is free! And the developer is active with support and is constantly improving the software.

Simply brilliant

5 stars
Great plug-in
By ,

The best Amazon plug-in I've tried and probably the best support of any plug-in I've received.

1 star
Plugin Author Recieves Some Affiliate Revenue
By , for WP 3.8.1

Don't you think it's a little underhanded to set your Amazon affiliate IDs as default if an ID is left blank and from what i can tell not inform your plugin users? Not a major issue with using your IDs for the defaults, my issue is not making it clear within the plugin options page a user MUST set all IDs to receive 100% of the affiliate revenue.

Two things aren't clear. If you don't set an Id the plugin authors are used and if you set "Localise Amazon Link" when someone from another country clicks a link it won't go to one of the IDs you have set, so it doesn't default to US: if I only have say a US and UK ID I want those localised, but I don't want anything sent to China's Amazon, I want it to go to US Amazon: only use the countries I've signed up for.

Ran a test on Localhost to see if it were a plugin I might use.

I add my Amazon IDs for the US and UK (I have others, but was testing).

Tested a carousel ad and found it was loading Japanese ads, so getting the wrong location for my IP (I'm in the UK). I'd installed the IP database.

Viewing source I find the Amazon ID is al-jp-22

I assume this is the Amazon ID for the plugin author.

A quick search through the plugins files I find on the amazon.php file line 464

if (!isset($this->country_data)) {
            /* Move Country Data construction here so we can localise the strings */
            // Country specific aspects:
            // full name of country,
            // country flag image
            // market place of amazon site
            // tld of main amazon site
            // link to affiliate program site
            // Default tag if none set up
            $this->country_data = array(
               'uk' => array( 'cc' => 'uk', 'lang' => 'en',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_uk.gif', 'tld' => 'co.uk', 'site' => 'https://affiliate-program.amazon.co.uk', 'default_tag' => 'al-uk-21', 'country_name' => __('United Kingdom', 'amazon-link')),
               'us' => array( 'cc' => 'us', 'lang' => 'en',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_us.gif', 'tld' => 'com',   'site' => 'https://affiliate-program.amazon.com', 'default_tag' => 'al-us-20', 'country_name' => __('United States', 'amazon-link')),
               'de' => array( 'cc' => 'de', 'lang' => 'de',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_de.gif', 'tld' => 'de',    'site' => 'https://partnernet.amazon.de', 'default_tag' => 'al-de-21', 'country_name' => __('Germany', 'amazon-link')),
               'es' => array( 'cc' => 'es', 'lang' => 'es',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_es.gif', 'tld' => 'es',    'site' => 'https://afiliados.amazon.es', 'default_tag' => 'al-es-21', 'country_name' => __('Spain', 'amazon-link')),
               'fr' => array( 'cc' => 'fr', 'lang' => 'fr',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_fr.gif', 'tld' => 'fr',    'site' => 'https://partenaires.amazon.fr', 'default_tag' => 'al-fr-21', 'country_name' => __('France', 'amazon-link')),
               'jp' => array( 'cc' => 'jp', 'lang' => 'ja',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_jp.gif', 'tld' => 'jp',    'site' => 'https://affiliate.amazon.co.jp', 'default_tag' => 'al-jp-22', 'country_name' => __('Japan', 'amazon-link')),
               'it' => array( 'cc' => 'it', 'lang' => 'it',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_it.gif', 'tld' => 'it',    'site' => 'https://programma-affiliazione.amazon.it', 'default_tag' => 'al-it-21', 'country_name' => __('Italy', 'amazon-link'),),
               'cn' => array( 'cc' => 'cn', 'lang' => 'zh-CHS', 'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_cn.gif', 'tld' => 'cn',    'site' => 'https://associates.amazon.cn', 'default_tag' => 'al-cn-23', 'country_name' => __('China', 'amazon-link')),
               'in' => array( 'cc' => 'in', 'lang' => 'hi',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_in.gif', 'tld' => 'in',    'site' => 'https://associates.amazon.in', 'default_tag' => 'al-in-21', 'country_name' => __('India', 'amazon-link')),
               'ca' => array( 'cc' => 'ca', 'lang' => 'en',     'flag' => $this->URLRoot. '/'. 'images/flag_ca.gif', 'tld' => 'ca',    'site' => 'https://associates.amazon.ca', 'default_tag' => 'al-ca-20', 'country_name' => __('Canada', 'amazon-link')));

For those not familiar with PHP this is checking if the country specific Amazon affiliate IDs aren't set and if not use the ones listed above. al-uk-21, al-us-20 etc...

What this means is if a plugin users leaves a field blank the above ones are used and any affiliate revenue goes to the plugin author.

I don't have an issue with this in principal (revenue sharing), however the users should be informed so they know by not setting an Amazon Id someone else will benefit from the sale. This is not clearly stated anywhere.

Closest to informing users is from the FAQ:

If some of the IDs are not supplied in a User's profile, or in a particular Channel, then the ones in the default channel will be used instead. Only if no IDs exist for a particular locale then the plugin will use its own default IDs.

Not exactly clear the plugin author will benefit from the sale, there's a lot of clueless WordPress users out there that would assume setting say just the US local and whatever their country is would mean only those two versions of Amazon would be used.

I'll be emailing this info to plugns@wordpress.org as pretty sure this is against the plugin directory TOS or at least not clear enough in its present format. If I'm wrong nothing will happen, if I'm right you might see the plugin pulled from the repository.

David Law

5 stars
The best Amazon plugin
By , for WP 3.8

This Amazon Link is definitely the best Amazon plugin so far. Its easy to use and simplicity enables me to start using it almost immediately after installed it. It even beats other Amazon plugins that I bought before. Now all my purchased plugins have been deactivated and I use this Amazon Link only.

Great plugin. Kudos to Paul for developing and release this plugin for free!

5 stars
screen by screen
By , for WP 3.7.1

this is good plugin. can anyone help in providing screen by screen setup with brief description?
Thanks in advance

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