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3 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
1 star
Version 3.8 sucks
By , for WP 3.5.1

I was using your plugin since a while now, but I am very desapointed with this new version. All the good features have been removed and placed on the pro version. Only for that I will never buy your pro version [ needless personal comment redacted ]

Besides, when I tried to downgrade to the 3.7 version, I am not able to create ad groups anymore. Why?

4 stars
Pretty nice
By , for WP 3.5.1

I use this plugin for over a year. And it's pretty nice and slick. Going to buy a pro version.

1 star
Deceptive update
By , for WP 3.5.1

Author moved features from this plugin to the paid Pro version. I have no problem with paid plugins, but they should offer more features than the free version, not strip existing features out.

As someone who has used AdRotate for a few years now and made a donation to the plugin previously, I'm now evaluating alternatives and will quit using AdRotate or downgrade to 3.7.

Author should have terminated development of the this plugin tree and offered two new plugins.

1 star
Disgusting Way To Treat The WP Community - Dirty Trick - Outraged!
By , for WP 3.5.1

What a deceitful and underhanded way to con a quick buck from the people who supported you.


You've effectively destroyed your reputation in the WordPress Community.

Trust is hard to gain online and once it's broken it's damaged forever.

You sir, are a disgrace.

5 stars
I must apologize
By , for WP 3.5.1


I was very unhappy to discover that the developer had updated his plugin and in doing so removed several features. I could have lived with that, but one feature he removed was the ability to turn off a "credit" that had now appeared in my sidebar without my consent.

I came to the forms/review page and noticed many very unahppy people and I jumped right on the bandwagon. I gave the plugin a one star review and had some very harsh words for the plugin author.

While I fully support a plugin author's right and need to make money from his contributions, I think he made a major mistake in removing already established features and making them "pro" only. It's just the wrong way to go about driving people towards your premium product.

That all being said, I think the author genuinely mae a mistake, and my earlier accusations of deceit, bait and switch, and underhandedness were without merrit. The author has gone out of his way to make things right for me, beyond the call in fact, and I am suitably impressed.

I regret my earlier review, and my overly hasty judgement. I extend my apologies to the author, and absolutely take back all negative sentiment, as expressed above/below (which regretebly, I cannot delete.) I hope a lessons can be learned from this, both for he and plugin authors in the future.

1 star
It's not working since the 3.8 update :(
By , for WP 3.5.1

After made the upgrade to 3.8 (plugin version) it's not working. The ads doesn't show up and the manage page doesn't update the status of the ads.

1 star
Want PRO
By , for WP 3.4.2

Just downgrade to 3.7

5 stars
Great Plugin, Great Support
By , for WP 3.5

I used the free version for a couple months and then upgraded to Pro - $30 is nomimal for the great features you get. It works well (on my site) and has nice stats. Much better than Bannerize, the other one I tried. The support is fantastic too. Nice to get a reply within less than an hour instead of posting on a forum and hoping/waiting for a useful reply.
Frankly I probably never would have donated to the free plugin out of pure laziness, but I am more than happy to pay for PRO whatever the reason. I wonder how many people that are taking the time to complain about the free version, took the time to donate.

1 star
By , for WP 3.5.1

You have to buy the Pro sh*t version now.

1 star
Underhanded treatment
By , for WP 3.4.2

I can echo what so many others are saying here. It was a great plugin for free albeit a bit buggy. Then many of the features in the popular free version were moved to the new pay version, leaving everyone else out in the cold. Granted, $33 (US) is not a huge amount of money, but this is an underhanded way to get people to upgrade. Worse, he was no longer supporting the old version, and had made "security updates/hardening" to the new version that had the features removed, implying that if we didn't upgrade, we'd open ourselves up to security risks.

I understand the authors need to make an income, but his method of doing it only alienates the users who have put up with all the buggy releases along the way (though the paid version has had bug fix updates every day since its release, which isn't exactly encouraging). I'll be switching to a different plugin, not because of the cost, but because of the principal.

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