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[resolved] Yoast SEO validation errors (6 posts)

  1. Rob49
    Posted 2 years ago #

    First just want to say this looks a great plugin.

    I have only just installed yesterday so I may have not configured everything correctly, but when I use the w3c validator I am getting a lot of errors thrown up which were not there previously.


    Validator screen link

    Have I configured this incorrectly or set up my own code wrong (quite new to WordPress) ?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. You're missing some essential HTML at the top of your page, including the opening <html> and <head> tags. Double-check that you haven't accidentally removed some key pieces of code from header.php.

  3. Rob49
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi zoonini,

    Thanks, have just been delving around and the <?php get_header( $name ); ?> had somehow ended up further down the page, hence the doctype etc halfway down the source code! Fixed that which in turn fixed the Yoast errors :)

    Only error showing now is my body tag.

    If the validator link is clicked in my first post above you will see what it says. Not sure whats wrong so will start another topic for this unless it is a simple fix.

    Thanks for your time.

  4. You have a stray <body> tag just before <div id="slider"> - if you find out where it's coming from and get rid of it, hopefully that'll do the trick on the validation front.

  5. Rob49
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Ah that fixed it thanks!

    Still quite new to the template system and didn't realise you don't use <body> tags in template pages.

    So if I understand correctly you open the <body> tag in the header, then close it in the footer?

    If so then all makes sense and thanks again for your time.


  6. So if I understand correctly you open the <body> tag in the header, then close it in the footer?

    That's usually the case, yes. The goal is to have a correctly structured page no matter in which files the tags open and close.

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