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[resolved] workaround for compatibility with plugins that add extra wysiwyg fields (7 posts)

  1. lagunas
    Posted 11 months ago #

    I use qtranslate for multi-language content, and recently experienced issues with a plugin that adds extra wysiwyg fields to posts and pages.

    The content of the main wysiwyg editor was being overwritten with the content of the last wysiwyg editor in the page.

    The fix for this issue that worked for me, is the one proposed by alexleonard in the qtranslate forum: http://www.qianqin.de/qtranslate/forum/viewtopic.php?p=12468&sid=c60a21e882af27f0fc0f038f0c6905a6#p12468

    This seems to fix the problem for any plugin that adds wysiwyg extra fields, not only ACF.

    Thanks to mgibbs189, plugin author of Custom Field Suite (by the way, great plugin!) I was able to find this fix.

    I hope this helps others find the fix easily.

    And it would be great if it could be added to the plugin in the future.



  2. Dani-Girl
    Posted 11 months ago #

    I tried the fix for ACF and it doesn't work. The ACF WYSIWYG editor still doesn't show up, except for the "Add Media" button.

    any other solutions?

  3. lagunas
    Posted 11 months ago #

    What this fixes is the main content wysiwyg being overwritten with the content of the last wysiwyg editor.

    It doesn't deal with wysiwyg editors not showing up.

    Maybe you should post your issue in the ACF plugin support forum.

  4. Dani-Girl
    Posted 11 months ago #

    I already posted there, and they say its a qTranslate problem and that its writing over the WYSIWYG editor used by ACF.

    When I turn of qTranslate, the ACF WYWSIWYG editor works.

  5. lagunas
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Sorry, I don't use ACF.



    if (ed.editorId.match(/^qtrans_/)) {

    in qtranslate_javascript.php worked for me.

  6. Barbara Talbot
    Posted 3 months ago #

    Thank you lagunas for this solution! I was having issue with qTranslate 2.5.38, WordPress 3.8., Advanced Custom Fields v4.3.3. and the WYSIWYG editor. It would keep wiping out my copy in my main content editor when I would switch between English and Espanol. Once I added the code above in qtranslate_javascript.php all was well again!

  7. toimisto
    Posted 1 month ago #

    Same here very good thank you


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