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WordPress admin not working on 1 pc, but work on all others (19 posts)

  1. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I have a WordPress 3.0.4 installation that won't show it admin pages on 1 pc. Sadly this is my main pc and the one is usually use to update the site.

    I was used to be able to update on this pc as well, although it presented me with a blank screen after posts updates etc. I could live with this problem, since it still updated the posts and added new posts.

    Since about a week I only see a blank screen when going to the admin pages. The admin pages itself work perfectly. I've tested them on 3 other computer without any problem.
    On the pc where it won't work it doesn't matter what browser I use: Chrome, Firefox, IE8. None of them work.

    I've cleared the cookies, and still nothing.
    It's not the workpress installation or any plugins since it works on other pc's.

    The pc where it doesn't work is a developers computer (Windows 7), it has IIS, Visual Studio, etc.
    I've tried other developers pc and they work fine.


  2. molnarm
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Something may be blocking the website.

    Check your antivirus/malware protection software. Also try disabling any ad-blocker plugins.

  3. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I can still go to the website itself, just not the admin pages. So changes that it is blocked are pretty slim.

  4. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    To be clear about this - on the Windows7 PC the web site will show, but the admin dashboard fails? Unless the other 3 pc's are connecting to the developer PC as a server it makes no difference if WP works on them or not as, as I understand it, they are 3 individual installations.

    If you can see the localhost web site on this PC but not the admin pages I would re-install the wp-admin directory first, reset to twentyten as the theme and start problem solving from a known baseline.

  5. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have tried reinstalling WP, nothing

    And yes, on one of the pc's I can see the website, but not the admin pages.
    One of the other pc's is also a Windows 7 installation, also a developers machine (with IIS, etc).

    This is not making sense to me

    *Fingers crossed for a solution*

  6. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Umm... Not making much sense at all is it.

    Try going into wp-config and setting the debug option to true. If you are getting errors of some form it might show up there.

    Usually the blank screen show when PHP can't load and PHP rather unhelpfully doesn't do anything, so just doesn't run. If you have access to the php and IIS error files try looking at those. All my test software is run on an XP PC running WAMP as individual installations and my IIS service is disabled. I also have two different php.ini files, one for running PHP under IIS the other for Apache. I haven't jumped ship yet to W7 as I am fine with XP, so not sure if IIS handles PHP differentlyon W7, especially as I think my version is IIS5.

    If you have just one PC causing errors in this way and the software is the same on all, then I would look through PC settings.

  7. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It is indeed not making any sense. Only 1 pc where it is giving this problem. I've installed Opera, same problem.
    So I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that 1 computer, but I have no idea what it could be.
    Could you specify which 'PC settings' you are talking about ?

    I have already tried the debug option, nothing shows up. The page is, and remains completely empty, no html.

  8. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry, sanity check time...

    Am I right in the following assumptions:-
    All other PC's - that have it installed - can see wordpress, both the index page of the blog and the admin menu.
    One PC can see the index page, move around OK as a user, but cannot access the admin page.
    The white screen appears when using the wp-admin sub-directory to gain access.

    My comments about settings may have been influenced by another thread I was on which was very similar where the wordpress wasn't happening at all, and I thought that your PC couldn't get any wordpress. But I think that you can get the blog, but not the admin.

    If this is the case then clearly all settings are OK, wordpress installation and database work OK, but the admin directory doesn't. White screen usually means a PHP hang so logic says it must be either a failure to connect and get the correct details from the database - unlikely as you haven't made that link yet OR the php is failing.

    Do you agree so far?

    So initial thoughts from this is can you put a file into wp_admin with phpinfo() in it and see if that runs (this also checks dir permissions) does the output look sane?

    Try another upload of wp-admin from a completely new and clean source.

    As you say this is weird, but there must be an answer, and like many PC issues it will be SO obvious when found.

  9. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry about the slow reply. I was unable to access the pc where it won't work for a couple of days.

    Am I right in the following assumptions:-
    All other PC's - that have it installed - can see wordpress, both the index page of the blog and the admin menu.
    One PC can see the index page, move around OK as a user, but cannot access the admin page.
    The white screen appears when using the wp-admin sub-directory to gain access.

    This is indeed the case.

    Since it's not working on 1 pc I would take it that the problem is with that pc not the wordpress installation, no ?

    I've tried the phpinfo on the root directory and on the wp-admin directory. Both look good to me.
    I honestly didn't expect the phpinfo to show me anything, I'm now baffled even more :/

    Help ...

  10. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ina way the phpinfo test has been useful, al least it shows that a php file can run in wp-admin, so we don't need to look for permissions.

    When I get this issue in development I try a time consuming, but often interesting - I tend to learn how bits fit togetther - way of resolving the issue.

    I try removing code from the page with the // and slowly adding it back. It usually errors with PHP warnings etc. so put thge debug = true in your wp-config.

    Am I right in thinking that when you try and access admin on your PC, like me, you type wp-admin/ as a directory not wp-admin/index.php?

    If so where do you get redirected at the top url, to the wp-admin directory with a reauth? Is that redirect listing your site name -localhost or whatever - with the full 'link' to the wp-admin dir?

    If you get the redirect URL then the index file is running and it is calling the redirect function from the relevant page, so php runs.

    The login redirect is powered from general-template.php in the wp-includes directory OR wp-login.php, so try replacing some of these more remote files.

  11. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Doesn't matter is I go to the wp-admin path, or directly to wp-admin/index.php. Same thing happens: white screen.

    If I type some text in index.php then I see that text, but nothing more. So it is showing that file, it tries to parse and render it, but somehow all the info from WordPress is lost. This happens for all admin pages.

    I don't know any php, so starting to delete stuff and adding it back in is kind of hard, since I don't know what is php and what is wp specific.

    How could one call be responsible for previous content not being shown ?
    At least I take it that the pages are not rendered in 1 go, that it's multiple function call, multiple parts rendering that 1 page. How can they all fail ?

    Also the login page works, but after login it shows the white screen.

  12. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    At least I take it that the pages are not rendered in 1 go, that it's multiple function call, multiple parts rendering that 1 page. How can they all fail ?

    As soon as the first php code errors everything else stops after that. As this is server end it means that the page delivered only has the processing up to the failure point, nothing happens after that.

    Have you always been able to get the login page for admin, as I thought the white screen came as you entered the wp-admin directory. As I said index.php actually checks the authorisation, and if not authed it calls up the login page. If you can login but then fail then it is the dashbaord that is the issue. As the dashboard loads it will also load all the plugin/widget/theme info so it can display setting etc in the dashboard window. If you get to login, and can enter the correct user/pwd and then it fails then look at the wp-content directory and it's contents.

    From the sanity check above you agreed that the white screen happened as soon as you entered the wp-admin folder, where as now it is after the login. These are two distinctly different functions - can you confirm which it is?

  13. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    So it render until it comes across an error, then it stops rendering. This should mean that when the fault in near the end, or in the middle of the page I should see something. Since it is a white page it would mean that the error happens in the beginning, correct ?

    After the login you are redirected to the wp-admin folder, so it is the same problem I think. The url still says wp-login.php though. The login page doesn't reside in the wp-admin folder, but in the root.
    The login page works as expected. If I give it wrong credentials it will fail saying the login/password combination is wrong. It will only show the white screen when the correct l/p is given.

    I still don't get why it works on all pc's except for one. If php fails because of plugins, wrong data in the db, ... then I should expect it to fails always, because this is about rendering at server side.

  14. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Since it is a white page it would mean that the error happens in the beginning, correct ?

    Not quite, there are more experienced PHP coders than me on this forum who might know better, but as I understand it the php pre-processes the page. If it errors anywhere then the process fails, that failed process is served up to the browser. As the process failed then the browser gets nothing. That is why I comment out functions, not add in echo statements.

    then I should expect it to fails always, because this is about rendering at server side.

    So the *same* site is accessed, it is not an installation on the PC for testing etc., by *all* other PC's but one can't access exactly the same files or data as the others? Is there a web address for the site? Just to check - there is nothing local at all.

  15. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    There is no local installation of anything for that site.
    The address is http://www.spelletjesvoormijnkind.be

    Thank you for your trouble. I hope it can be resolved soon :/

  16. datasoftict
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Strange, I can see the site and if I go to wp-admin and enter rubbish into the username/password fields I am rejected as I should be with a redirect.

    Claerly all is working here, and the database is also working - it would have errored otherwise.

    If this is only happening on one PC and is only happening on the one place - wp-admin .php files, then my gut reaction is that there is something on that PC that is causing an error. Logic would suggest that if all four PC's (and mine) can run php and mysql OK on that site, and that only one has a problem running a remote file then it must be the browser and it's rendering of the page. However you have tried three browsers and none of them work. So where else is there to look - don't answer - I was asking the question to myself.

    Next thing I would try is running firefox with firebug add-on. Go to the admin page on your web site then withi firefox start Tools > Web developer > Tools > Error Console

    This should give you a listing of all errors as it runs. Go into your login, and when the page doesn't load see if there are any issues lisdted here. I tried the same and had several errors from the login page, so it might be worth checking the error readout at each step.

    I am not on W7, having remained a devotee of XP. Maybe ther is something in W7 that causes a clash.

    Lme know how you get on and if there is no joy from the error log. This is getting into 'Microsoft' areas and might need a posting to a W7 forum rather than wordpress.

  17. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If you would login it would probably work.

    Logic dictates indeed that something is wrong on that 1 pc. What could it be since it fails on something where everything happens server side.
    If have also installed Opera, to have a browser with no history. Same problem.

    My other pc's are also Windows 7, so it can't be the operation system in itself.

    I've already looked with firebug, no errors, nothing on the page. Nothing at all, no head or html tags

    When I type something in the wp-index.php file, that is shown on the blank page, but only that.

    I can run other php stuff just fine, so this doesn't seem a MS problem to me. It is definitely a WP problem, since it is the only thing giving me problems at this time.

    It's driving me mad :/
    I really need this up & running

    Thank you

  18. Jon W
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have had a similar problem. Today I could access wp-admin but not any pages (e.g. /wp-admin/edit.php ) - when I tried it would hang for ages and then die. If on the control panel ( /wp-admin/index.php ) it would show zero posts, pages, comments etc. (major panic when I first saw zeros).

    I cleared cache, tried on FF and Chrome, logged out of Vista, then back in - all failed.

    I ran AV and that was clear.

    I then cleared all cache again after closing all programs, then shut down the PC. Rebooted, and all working fine again.

    No idea why. I know that my ISP had some "router issues" the other day. No idea if that could impact on it. Maybe something just not "connecting"?

    Glad mine is fixed, although a little concerned as I have no idea what happened or why it now works again.

  19. Tuy
    Posted 3 years ago #

    @jonpaulwade: I don't have the things you describe, so I'm guessing the problem is something else.

    I've updated to WordPress 3.1 and everything is working now. I'm guessing there was a bug in WordPress itself and they fixed it.

    Either way, everything works !

    Thank you all for your help.


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