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Will this work with WordPress Publicize? (8 posts)

  1. WisTex
    Posted 11 months ago #

    If I use WordPress's Publicize feature to post on Facebook instead of the feature built into this plugin, will this plugin still recognize the Facebook comments and include them as comments on my blog?


  2. WisTex
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Well, after almost a week of posting, it appears that the Social plugin is not compatible with WordPress's JetPack Publicize functionality, at least on the Facebook side. The Social plugin can find Twitter posts, but cannot find the Facebook posts.

    The FAQ said that sometimes it takes 72 hours for Facebook posts to appear, but it has been longer than that, and nothing posted in Facebook (replies, likes, etc.) is showing up in the blog comments at all.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  3. WisTex
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I see that WordPress JetPack is posting the link as http://blog.morepossibilities.info/?p=2231&fb_source=pubv1 to Facebook, not http://blog.morepossibilities.info/?p=2231 which is what is mentioned in the FAQ. I wonder if the &fb_source=pubv1 tacked on the end is affecting things.

  4. WisTex
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I looked through the entire codebase. I am not sure where to change it so it looks for JetPack's post URL format instead of the Social plugin's format. Anyone know how to change it?

  5. Alex King
    Plugin Author

    Posted 10 months ago #

    IIRC at the time we wrote this we couldn't get the Facebook API to give us Likes or comments about a specific URL (shares didn't yet exist). Social looks only for Likes and comments on the broadcast.

    It's possible that the Facebook API has evolved/will evolve to allow for this, in which case Social should be updated to include that type of search at that time.

  6. WisTex
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I'll have to figure out why Social refuses to post to Facebook then. WordPress will post to Facebook via JetPack, but when the Social Plugin tries to do it, it fails and says something about an invalid password or something like that.

  7. WisTex
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I noticed that you can search for /me/posts and then parse the results for the URL. That would at least give posts made by the author. Then once you know the ID of the post, you can get all the comments for that post.


    (Note: You must set an access token before the URLs will display the desired results.)

    GET /me/posts

    GET 10151947998883669/comments

    So although you cannot search by URL directly (as far as I can tell), you can search someone's feed and parse for URLs.

  8. WisTex
    Posted 10 months ago #

    To see the results I was looking at, you can use GET /scott.m.stolz/posts instead of GET /me/posts.


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