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[resolved] Will this plug-in work without wp-cron? (4 posts)

  1. pazzaglia
    Posted 10 months ago #

    I can't get WordPress Cron to work (even with an outside cronjob pointing to it see http://bit.ly/11mmGI2 for details).

    Will this plug-in work without cron?




  2. amistad18
    Posted 10 months ago #

    Did you try to use Wysija Cron instead? And to set Cron job for it?
    This plugin may work without Cron, but then - your website must have a lot of visitors. Is this is live website, or just some test back-end just for sending newsletters?

  3. pazzaglia
    Posted 10 months ago #

    It's a live website - I just went on a plug-in and resource reduction diet (Jet-pack's social plug-in makes touches the server 10 PER PAGE that is loaded). I also had to remove Meteor Slides as it loaded all the slides on every page call even though I only used it on the front page. I signed-up with Content Caching Network (Cloudflare), and installed a database caching plug-in to reduce strain on my shared host.

    All of those steps that seemed to get my cron working again.

    The reality is I don't really know what caused my cron NOT to work so I don't really know how I fixed it.

    Wysija -looks great. Glad to have discovered it in my hunt to search for a solution!



  4. pazzaglia
    Posted 9 months ago #

    Ok, I'm back so to no cron not working, again -AAAACK!

    So Wisija newsletters have their own Cron? I think my site is "average" I max out at about 6k visitors a day, but each visitor looks at about 10 pages - so it's a big hit on my shared server. But my newsletter is growing very quickly (a little over 3,500 now) and need to a solution that will scale up at not too great a cost and also clean the list of bounces to reduce resource use.




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